Animals Den Volume 6

so here we are Two preseason games. ya know i got to tell ya in all my years watching this team i dont think i can remember a time that i was this excited about Preseason.

watching that game with Jags sparked something in me.. when the offence first started and they were pushed back into a saftey my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach, and i started to get this lingering fear of doubt in the back on my mind trying to tell me that everything i was reading in the papers and on this site had me really believing that we were going to be so much better this year.


but then.. oh my gosh but then. the offence came out and at first it was one good play then another and another. my eyes started to get a bit wider.. my heart began to pound a bit  louder. what with this?? they are moveing down the field like there was no defence... chad henne was turning into the QB we have been dreaming of since our beloved dan retired.  i sat up a bit more in my chair...then before my eyes the magic happend. a awsome pass to fasano, his sprint to the end zone..  i nearly stood up in my chair... i saw a team right then. players who have totally bought into what the coach was trying to team.. we are a TEAM when we are out on that field we are NOT one person we are a team of ONE. we think as one we move as one...never forget that..we want the super boel.. we are gonna Work hader and plap harder then ANY other team out there.  when then other team faces us they face us as ONE!


and i gotta tell ya to actually see what i now like to call the *Marshal effect* on the field.. my word it was a thing of bueaty at how it changed defences and opens up  our offence.. were they perfect by no means.. but what made me proud was watching them easily over come those set backs  and get the job done.  but i think if we can bring the marshel effect to every gamre.. it is gonna be scary good.


ya know when they showed coach sparano on the side line and they  he looked. just made me smile and i truely am begining to love how he works.. i saw the passion and the drive to win.. it burns in him and i can see it. i think in his eyes this wasnt just a preseason game it was a will to win.. it just gets me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

also to see that the defence is slowly starting to come together. they are still learning and i can feel that they will only get better as the season comes. but for now there is still  alot of work to be done to be  an elite D  but i think that once we start seeing the lights coming on in our playres it wil only improve.

ya know everyone talks about bill parcels but i got to give jeff irland  alot of credit for finding good players.. i mean really if you look back and out of the past few drafts once they got here i mean three or four of the rookies make the team.. to me that is hats off to them


so you may say i have been drinking way to much cool aide.. and maybe i have hehe it is great mixed with shine.

and not to sound to mushy or anything but it is wonderful to have a site like this with so many die hard fans.. it really gives you a sence of connection with everyone here.. joined by a common bond for the love of a team. to put your heart and soul into being a true fan of such a team..  well it just feels like home to e and i am really honored and humbled to be here. *sigh* ok enough with the mushy stuff.

 one last thought before i go the show that the nfl is outting out now  what is it called? the red zone? where it shows every touchdown for every game? umm i mean what is the point? dont they do that anyway in with the half time shows and the post game shows? so they are gonna maybe make it more dramatic ok so what i already seem them,, so time i dont think it is worth it..again what is the point.


hehe ok i blabbered on enough.


as my great grand pappy use to say:  one good thing about getting that you can get a 10% discount from hookers.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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