Overlook The Dolphins @ Your Own Peril

Dolphins fans, I believe I've made enough forays over her for everyone to be familiar with me, but just in case you don't know me from Adam, here's the skinny on me. I am a broadcast journalist for Mid-Utah Radio in Manti and Richfield, Utah and I'm in the process of writing NFL predictions for all teams alphabetically (at least those who haven't blocked me on their SB blogs, screw you Chiefs and Bears...). Anyway, here's my offering on the Dolphins, so enjoy. I definitely believe you guys will be great, so here goes. All feedback will be appreciated, so please feel free to comment.


Today, we discuss the Miami Dolphins, a team that traditionally has dominated through the years.

While names such as Marino, Shula, Csonka and Buoniconti are absent, there are plenty of studs ready to fill in the gaps.

Chief among them is the Dolphins’ best quarterback since the aforementioned Marino in Michigan prospect, Chad Henne.

Last season, Henne (60.8 completion percentage, 2,878 yards, 12 TD’s, 14 INT’s) showed promise and may now be ready to take the reins of a darkhorse Super Bowl contender.

With other resourceful players, such as jack-of-all-trades Ronnie Brown (648 rushing yards, 8 TD’s in 2009 despite lingering injuries) and Ricky Williams (1,121 rushing yards, 11 TD’s), the Dolphins have one of the best backfields in the NFL.

Of course, ex-Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall also promises to enhance an already solid receiving corps including Davone Bess (76 rec, 758 yards, 2 TD’s), Greg Camarillo and the underrated Brian Hartline (a team-best 16.3 yards per reception and a team-high among receivers, 3 TD’s).

Nevertheless, I still haven’t explored the Dolphins’ greatest strengths in my opinion.

Without further redo, I believe those to be Dan Carpenter (25 of 28 on FG’s, I hope you south Floridians realize just how hard it is to kick at sea level) and head coach Tony Sparano, who like most of us lucky enough to be Italians is tenacious, hard-working and ingenuous, all characteristics which will make the Dolphins successful in 2010.

I also expect big things on defense from the likes of Cameron Wake, Kendall Langford and Sean Smith while Smith’s collegiate teammate at the University of Utah, Koa Misi, could be one of the best rookies of 2010.

With that said, I honestly believe a solid foundation is being laid at South Beach and things will only improve in the future.

The only question is: will this team get more chances at a Super Bowl championship than the teams led by the legendary Marino?

Time will only tell and I for one am excited to watch it unfold.

While it’s always GO BRONCOS for me, I have also liked the Dolphins for years as well, so I hope you guys appreciate my efforts.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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