Animal's Den Volume 5

so we have finally gotten our first taste of football in a real game setting.. called the preseason.  and yet already fans are running around like their hair is on fire.  OMG!!! this guys sucks.. this guy is gonna be awsome..  sign this guy .. cut that guy!!  all i can say is thank god none of you guys actually run this team.  maybe you guys have lost sight of what a preseason game really is.  allow me to refresh your memory..

A preseason game is a chane for a teams coaching staff to see how well the teams new players  handle real game situations and to see how guys adjust to the new schemes the coachs have been trying to teach them this year.   it is NOT about who wins or looses or hoow many points was scored. now can  some of you guys please breath into the small papaer bag for a bit and try and relaxe. i am amazed some of you guys can even stand up with how tight your spincters have  got a grip on that chair your sitting on.

i hope this helps you to better understand what the preseason games are all about.

fans make knee jerk reactions that goodness good coaches do not.


now for you guys who seem to love to anilyze every single player on every single play and then declare them bust or not based on one play or two. all i have to say is......really?? in case you havent noticed that the game of football is played by humans and ALL humans make mistakes.  the thing is NO player no matter how great they are dont screw up a play from time to time.  either mental or physical.  if they didnt then  i guess in your mind guys like tom brady  and payton manning suck as well. considering they both  have thrown int's

so along those lines lets take a look at mister sean smith. everyone seems to be harping on that ONE bad play that  cost us a score.   ok one bad play.. how many good plays did he have over that one??  one? two? three?? seems to me if he had at least more good plays then bad plays  he is doing just fine.  what folks seem to be forgetting is  again this is a team sport and there are  10 other guys out there all working together to try and make good plays as well.  what will seperate us  is  good teams  over come  those kinds of mistakes bad teams dont.  in the end we  won. so in my eyes  we have a good team.  a perfect team? not by a long shot. but then again there is no such thing as a perfect team.


AS my great grand pappy use to say: only two things  a man is guarantetd in this world.. one: to live and the other to die.    it is only  in one of those things he will be perfect.  and it sure as hell aint in the first one.

again as i have said about pat white i will  use for sean smith.  you all have to keep in mind that this is  only his second year so he is still going to make those  big mistakes.  what you need to always look for is improvement. did  he improve from last year?  i would have to say yes. so as long as he is improving you cant ask for anything more out of a player. once a player stops improving then it dont take this league long to figure them out and be able to shut  that player down.


couple of things i think is funny. first is  how  fans are so hung up on the phrase of  :this is a show me now sport:  i think that is funny because those very same fans will use a players past as a basis in their mind of a player being good or bad.  folks are clammering to cut pat white.. why? because of last year.  but then what happened to show me now?  he hasnt been given any chance to show me now yet he still sucks and you want to trade or cut him.  cant have it both ways fans.

the second things is how everyone says that collage means nothing in the nfl. haha really? then why is it that the nfl goes to colleges to find players?  because it does mean something and what players do there has a very big bearing on what coachs are looking for. but by your way of thinking then just any old joe blow could walk off the street and be a nfl player because playhing in the sport before the nfl means nothing. so then why dont teams just open  up addutions to the general public like the eagles did way back when?   i think what fans are really meaning is that   some players dont learn the nfl style of playing as fast as we would like.  so what does it realy boil down to?  i think it is patiences and most fans dont have that.  they want it NOW NOW NOW.. humm sound like any three year olds you know?


one last little tid bit before i go.  i finally let my curiosity get the better of me and i watched an E.P of hard knocks.  mostly because i wanted to know just how much into the inner workings of a team they got into and to see what i could take away from jets training camp.  know your enemy and all that.

 i gotta say after watching it  my jaw was on the floor.  i just pray to al that is holy that the things i saw them doing are not going on in our training camp.  i mean to have some one there to just gather news stories on  your team and to put blogs up on a screen  to go over??  why is that important? looks like  you are drinking to much of your own  hype.  how does doing that make your team better?  looks like nothing but a distraction to me.  and why in the hell do you have a aging old QB sitting in on your team meetings and putting his input on what is going on?  *shakes head* some guys are players and will never be anything more then that and some guys can be players and have a good head for coaching.. the trick is to know the difference.


again thanks for taking the time to read my rambles.


as my great grand pappy use to say: taking a leak on a electric fence is not considered foreplay

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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