Dolphins vs Bucs overview

The game lastnight was highly anticipated by the Phinsideer Nation. we saw some good things and somethings that left us wondering. the rain was dissapointing and so was the commentating. please get nat moore, brian griese and that other guy out of the commetators box! more after the jump.

Here are some quips from the game lastnight:



Koa Misi - looks to be the real deal, he was all over the field. causing pressure on the QB numerous times,he was in on several tackles, and caused a fumble. he was a big part of the 3 first half turnovers the dolphins D caused.

Jarod Odrick -  worth the first round pick we spent on him. he got into the back field on several play, recovered a fumble. and handled both starting tackles.

Nolan Carrol - continues to impress, broke up a couple passes and kept everyone infront of him. good tackler

John Jerry - im not sure who will be the LG for this offense but IMO J.J. has solidified the RG spot. mauler! good in pass protection. stood his man up and drove him 3-4 yards down field on many plays.



Sean Smith - had his ups and downs. had an interception, showed good tackling skills. he looked lost on the 1 touchdown the dolphins allowed. but all-in-all showed improvement from last year.

Vontea Davis - continues to be a big hitter. broke up a few passes. crashed the line of scrimmage and showed good tackling skills.

Jason Allen - as usuall nothing special. got burned once, made one good open field tackle.

Yeremiah Bell - solid but not spectacular

Chris Clemons - looked good, really fast, flew all over the field, nice game.

Culver/Jones - nothing to report



Cameron Wake - ups and downs. got some pressure on the QB although didnt register a sack. seemed to be "swollowed" up buy the tampa tackels at times. pretty much a non factor.

Karlos Dansby - looked like the leader of the defense. steady but not much to report. solid but not spectacular.

Channing Crowder - crushed the running game. made several tackles at or near the line of scrimmage.

Alma-francis/Spitler/Moses/Anderson - nothing to report



Kendal Langford - steady, got some push off the line. got in the back field a few times again solid but not spectacular.

Randy Starks - looked good, got a little pressure, fought off double teams, and kept the linemen off the LB.

Pual Soliai - BEASTLY! in the backfield on almost everyplay. recovered a fumble 8 yards in the backfield. destroyed double teams, constant pressure on the QB. looked unblockable at times. showed astronomical improvement. played mad and was impressive agaisnt tampa's 1st teamers.

Grant/Mcdanial/Douglas - nothing to report 



Chad Henne- looked good, showed a lot of velocity on the ball, to much at times. was accurate for the most part. the first quarter rain really hampered the 1st team passing attack.

Tyler Thigpen - looked good for most of the game. athletic, made some nice throws if he keeps this up, he might snag a 3rd/4th round pick for the dolphins in a trade.

Pat white -  DNP



Ronnie Brown -  had some nice gains, most of his plays was in the sloppy infield. typical Ronnie: brusing, hard runner. not signs of foot injury from last year.

Ricky Williams - looked good, had some nice catches out of the backfield. as with Ronnie much of Ricky's time was spent in the slop of the infield.

Lousaka Polite - crushing blocks. had some catches out of the back field.

Lex Hilliard - didnt look as good as he did last preseason, but was servicable.



Brandon Marshall - was open on numerous plays, dropped the one pass that was thrown to him. (hit him in mid-stride, right on the hands) familiar seeing #19 dropping passes. but the rain was a factor.

Brian Hartline - looked good but nothing great. dropped a pass he should have cought, cought a pass he should have dropped.

Devon Bess - got some work in as a punt returner. nothing super.

Greg Camarillo - nohting to report

Patrick Turner - made some nice catches, was able to get open, had a chance for a touchdown reception but was double covered.

Roberto Wallace - was able to keep pace with Turner. had some nice catches nothing spectacular.

Morlon Moore - had a nice catch, missed a blocking assignment that led to a blocked punt.

Ryan Grice-Mullen - not much to report, tried as punt returner with little success.



As a unit had trouble opening running lanes, again sloppy infield may have had a lot to do with that.

Jake Long - enough said

Richie Incognito - looks massive, played well. started with the 1st team. not much else to report

Joe Berger - started, nothing spectacular needs another starts on a good field. not much to report

Vernon Carey - stable, called for a holding penalty. not much to report

Garner/Grove/Proctor - nothing to report



Anthony Fasano - 1 reception, not much to report

Hanos/Martin - nothing to report



Brandon Fields - booming leg, knocked the leather off the ball. 8 or 9 punts.

Dan Carpenter - DC$ nails a 35 yarder in the slop of the infield



The 1st team defense was able to get pressure on the QB without showing much. no corner/safety blitzes. this unit will be very fun to watch. 3 turnovers in the 1st half.

The first team Offense was very bland, and uninsprired. looking for more next preseason game.

the kicking game will be fine, the return game.....not so much.


Looking forward to the falcons next week!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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