Omar Kelly: Lame.

One thing Bart Scott said really stood out to me because I share a similar mentality.

“It’s too hard to B.S. people. It’s easy just to be yourself and say what you feel. Some people will agree with it. Some people will not. But at the end of the day who gives a [bleep],” Scott said.

I’ve been struggling with that this week, but I think I’ve managed to put my shields back up. But I still plan to refer to a certain person as No. 55 until he produces a sack. Nothing personal. Just business. Respect is earned.

-Omar Kelly writing on Hard Knox and why he's calling Koa Misi "The Player."

Really? You and Bart Scott, huh. Same page. Mindset. Determination. Demanding that respect be earned by NFL rookies.

Delusions of grandeur might not even fully explain what is going on with this guy.

Not even sure what happened to him. Maybe it's the extra couple of AM radio interviews he's doing. Whatever it is, it has actually bothered me enough to boycott his articles/twitter from here on out. It's a shame too because he's one of the more diligent beat writers.

An elaboration on my reasons:

1) He's become a blowhard.

One thing I can't abide is a blowhard. You know the guy. You say you cooked out last weekend and he says he makes his own barbecue sauce. You say that your bench went up ten pounds and he tells you that he used to bench 450 in college but hurt his shoulder. They're the worst. In this case it's a faux air of football awareness, replete with BS generalizations. 

I really don't want to hear how he's not noticed Chris Clemons and that's a good thing, especially when delivered with a gravitas that speaks of years upon years of serious experience. Here's an idea: If people are asking you as a reporter how Chris Clemons is doing start by actually watching him in practice.

2) Calling out Koa Misi is both unprofessional and unneeded.

This one bothers me the most. Calling a rookie player by his number alone or by a general name like "The Player" is flat out disrespectful. Especially to a guy in Misi's situation.

He's a kid transitioning to one of the more difficult and demanding positions, that of strong-side linebacker in a 3-4. He's also a second round pick who signed before camp and for nothing even resembling a king's ransom. He comes from humble origins (his parents didn't have a TV to watch the draft), speaks with humility and has the respect of his teammates.

Nothing he has done warrants your insistence on calling him "no. 55" or "The Player." For one, it's not even clever. It's derivative schlock borrowed from a Bill Parcells highlight reel. For two, it's absurd.

Omar Kelly Studio Gangsta has gone from one of the best reporters to one of the most annoying. Annoying is the operative word. I'll start reading Studio Gangsta's column again if he is willing to explain to Koa one on one, why he is referring to him as "The Player."

Methinks not. Sorry for the rant. Had to put it out there though.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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