The greatest Dolphins moments of my life.

Here we are a mere 5 days until everything that we've done in the off-season comes in to place. Journey back to the day we suffered that heart wrenching loss to Pittsburgh, which officially ended our season. Since then we have added new faces, Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby being the biggest. Then we had many debates on how our draft would turnout, and after the draft, waiting for even more boring months just to try and quickly pass us by. This off-season though has been different then all those before this, their is a hype behind it that i just cannot explain. And come Saturday evening, all those countless months just waiting, all the new faces that have been added to our team and the faces that have been here that we have come to love are going to suit up in their  Dolphins uniforms and play against outside competition and an instate rival. With all the hype i have been feeling and how it is finally here, I have been thinking a lot lately on the games that made me jump out of my seat, the games that I still can't get enough of, I will be counting down my top 5 favorite games, and keep in mind that I am relatively young and have missed some other great games before my time.

#5- Miami @ Cincinnati. October 1, 2000.

This game wasn't the closest of games with the Dolphins winning 31 to 16, but this game will always have a place in my heart. It was my first, and up to now, only Dolphins' game I have ever attended. I remember falling behind early, but on the final play of the first half, opposed to taking a knee and going into the half with a lead the Bengals gave it to Corey Dillon. Seems rather harmless, but Corey fumbled the ball and Jason Taylor picked it up and took it to the house as time expired, and the Dolphins never looked back. I will never forget that day, and below is the Jason Taylor "scoop six" as i call it.


dolphins > bengals


#4- Miami @ Seattle. January 9, 2000.

I would put this game higher on my list if my memory of it was not so fuzzy. I remember watching this game in its entirety and remember small details of the game, but other then that I was still rather young and had no idea how much this game would impact my life. This game was an AFC Wildcard game, and what would be the final win of Dan Marino's career. It was also the first Dolphins' road playoff game since 1972. It wasn't until a week later that I knew Marino was ending his career, and it really made me keep this game in my mind, for all that i can remember of it.




#3- Indianapolis @ Miami. December 30, 2000.

This game still gives me goosebumps a decade later, who could forget the performance Lamar Smith had? Rushing for over 200 yards and getting the game winning touchdown in overtime, to this day I do not believe i have ever jumped that high or screamed that loud with joy in my life. It's another example of me wishing i knew what the implications would be since it was the last Dolphins' playoff win to date. But the feeling of pride for my beloved team, and watching this team in Cincinnati with my own eyes made it an experience I will never forget.




#2- Baltimore @ Miami. December 16, 2007.

In a season that I would like to overall forget, this game will stay with me for life. I remember falling behind early and think, oh no, here we go again. But as the the 3rd quarter went into it's final minutes, Miami narrowed the gap to 3 with a Cleo Lemon touchdown pass. As the 4th quarter continued to roll along, we fought our way on top to make it 16-13. I felt that today was the day! Today is the day we get our win! Then Troy Smith begun to drive the ball down field, next thing i know Baltimore has the ball on the Dolphins' one yard line, but instead of going for the win, Baltimore elected to kick the tying field goal and send the game into overtime. Baltimore drove the ball downfield in overtime, and i recall the sickest feeling i could imagine, the feeling of being so close. But then Stover missed the field goal and Miami took over. Facing a 3rd down, Cleo Lemon hit wide receiver Greg Camarillo for a 65 yard touchdown to win the game. It was not televised where i live, so i was watching the little ball go back and forth on the NFL website, but when i seen "touchdown" come on the screen, i will honestly say i shed a tear, it was our Super Bowl that season. And i will never forget that game, thank you, thank you Greg Camarillo! Instead of a picture, this game deserves a video, enjoy Phin Faithful.




#1- Miami @ New York. December 28, 2008.

Opposite to the season before, I will never forget this season as a whole. Coupled with the Dolphins' amazing turnaround, it was a great year for me, easily the best year of my life. And this game was a huge part of that. It was a miraculous season, the Dolphins, who went 1-15 just one year prior, were 10-5 and controlled their own destiny for a division title and a home playoff berth. The game started slow with dropped passes and the Jets scoring first, but it was a great game back and forth and the Dolphins came out on top. Chad Pennington came back and beat the team that discarded him, the Dolphins defied all odds and clinched a playoff berth against a divisional rival, and that no one seen coming. It was a script not even Hollywood could have written. And just as the Baltimore game the previous year, i shed a tear of joy. And also like the Baltimore game, this game deserves a video. Once again, enjoy fellow Phin fans.

*Warning- The lyrics in the following video includes some vulgar language, so just a heads up.




Honorable Mention and Closing Statements.

If this were a top 6 or 7 the Jets vs. Dolphins game last year, and the Patriots vs. Dolphins game from 2008 would be in here, all Dolphins' games and players throughout my time are special to me, win or lose I will always love this team and the fans who follow this team with me. I thank you all for your hard work on this site, and i really do appreciate every single one of you as after joining this site I have learned more and more about the Dolphins every day. Please, share your favorite Dolphins' moments of your life and why they are important to you, we would all love to hear any stories you may have and some of the younger posters such as myself, would love to see what it was like to see the Dolphins of the past. Go Dolphins!!!!! Here's to adding more memorable moments in 2010!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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