2010 Simulation Wk 5-9

This is the second part of a real early, quick look on our schedule and a short simulation/prediction on each game of the 2010 regular season. It's honest, pretty realistic and is mainly based on stats from the '09 season, each team's offseasons and my personal opinion. It's just abit of fun and by no means is serious, What do you guys think and what would your predictions be?

For those who haven't seen this is our 2010 schedule.

Regular Season

1 Sep 12 MIA @ BUF

Ralph Wilson Stadium

2 Sep 19 MIA @ MIN Mall of America Field

3 Sep 26 NYJ @ MIA Sun Life Stadium

4 Oct 04 NE @ MIA Sun Life Stadium

5 Bye
6 Oct 17 MIA @ GB Lambeau Field

7 Oct 24 PIT @ MIA Sun Life Stadium

8 Oct 31 MIA @ CIN Paul Brown Stadium

9 Nov 07 MIA @ BAL M&T Bank Stadium

10 Nov 14 TEN @ MIA Sun Life Stadium

11 Nov 18 CHI @ MIA Sun Life Stadium

12 Nov 28 MIA @ OAK Oakland Coliseum

13 Dec 05 CLE @ MIA Sun Life Stadium

14 Dec 12 MIA @ NYJ New Meadowlands Stadium

15 Dec 19 BUF @ MIA Sun Life Stadium

16 Dec 26 DET @ MIA Sun Life Stadium

17 Jan 02 MIA @ NE Gillette Stadium

Wk 5: BYE

Miami head into the bye week 2-2.

Wk 6: MIA @ GB



Dan Carpenter scores thrice.

Miami gets back into the swing of things with a game against yet another real contender, Green Bay. Miami comes into the match with a great game plan and execute from the get go, stopping the potent Packer's offense and with a mix of run and pass the fins are able to score themselves. Ronnie and Ricky are able to pound the ball consistently, allowing Miami to control the pace of the game effectively whilst the Packer's offense aren't able to consistently move the ball at all. Green Bay are able to make the big play now and again but in the end the defensive wizard Mike Nolan came into the game with a great game plan and are able to contain the Aaron Rodgers and his offense. I believe Miami will win even at Lambeau mainly because of the bye week before hand, Miami have came close to winning out games against top competition but have been unable to finish(eg Wk 2 and 7 2009, Miami pretty much had both games under control but are unable to finish) and with the extra week of preparation Miami will be able to pull off the upset.

Result: MIA 23 GB 20

Wk 7: PIT @ MIA



Welcome back Ben.


Possibly one of the biggest headlines of the year as Roethlisberger returns after his 6 game suspension to a hostile Sun Life Stadium. The game is a tight with both defenses allowing next to nothing early in the game, Big Ben is under constant duress from an aggressive dolphins defense as Nolan yet again provides a successful game plan while Henne is struggling against the usual expected solid PIT defense. Henne and Marshall provide the break through mid way through the game and end up having a solid game constantly chipping away at the Steeler's secondary whilst the R&R express keep PIT's LBs on their toes. Big Ben and the Steeler's offense however does get into a rhythm late in the game putting up some late scores but by then they the damage is done and Miami comes away with a great win at home.

Result: MIA 27 PIT 16

Wk 8: MIA @ CIN



Cedrick Benson has a big day out.



The fins find themselves up against yet another very good side at Cincinnati. The game is a bruising encounter, with both running games going head to head in a grinding match up, Cedrick Benson racks up a large chunk of the Bengals offensive gain, whilst Ricky and Ronnie do the same on the other side, i believe our running numbers will be similar on both teams as our offensive philosophies are also very similar. Perhaps the deciding match up will be the Bengals CBs vs Miami's WRs, as one of the NFL's elite CB duo made up of Hall and Joseph go head to head against Marshall and company. Marshall will win his match ups but the rest of Miami's wrs struggle against a stingy Bengals defense, the game will be quickly ran down by the run heavy offenses on both teams. In the end the Bengals experience and home field advantage get them over the line in a tight one.

Result: MIA 14 CIN 17

Wk 9: MIA @ BAL



Lewis has still got it..


Much like the previous game, this match up will be similar. Miami is up against another quality foe with a strong defense and a league renowned run game with a capable passing game to suite. Miami's defense will go up against one of the NFLs premier backs by the name of Ray Rice, i believe he'll have a huge 2010 season and this game is no exception, with Ray Rice running through our young defense, Baltimore are able to control the game, scoring on the ground and through the air. The Fins offense are able to get a few points up, but the offense quickly switch into catch up mode with the Ravens starting to pull away mid way through the game, Henne's inexperience will cause some turnovers late it the game as he'll force a couple of throws every now and again, the fins are fighting an uphill battle and lose out to the better team..

Result: MIA 19 BAL 30

The Fins have probably gone through the toughest stretch games of the 2010 schedule, back to back games of CIN and BAL will be brutal, but they come out with a solid 4-4 record and face string of teams from the lower half of the NFL. Can the young dolphins squad recover and pull a long winning streak agains teams like OAK, DET and CLE? Or will they bomb out and struggle after the previous bruising games? STAY TUNED!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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