State of the offense RB/FB edition

Since training camp is almost upon us I will be reviewing our Running backs/ Full Backs

Brown: When Ronnie Brown isn't injured he is a top tier running back in this league. As we all know he is the perfect wildcat QB I mean he can run, throw (he has completed 4 for 10  throwing for 63 yards and two touchdowns since the wildcat was brought in)  The only thing that is preventing Brown from being mentioned with the likes of Steven Jackson Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson is Ronnie is injured a lot.Brown has only played one full season (2008) since being drafted second overall in the 2005 NFL draft. During his tenure with the Dolphins he has only had one 1000 yard rushing season (2006). This year will be a career defining year for him coming back from a lis franc fracture because he opted out of his contract last year so he was tendered as a Restricted free agent meaning that he is in the final year of his contract. Ronnie has said publicly that he wants a new contract but he has made it clear that he will not hold out to get a new contract. But being a 28 year old running back (turning 29 in december) in a league with a lot of talent at the Running Back position one has to wonder will he be signed to a 2-3 year contract. I personally hope that Ronnie stays with this team because when healthy as said before he is a game changing running back also without Ronnie the wildcat will be extremely effected. I see Ronnie rushing for 900-1100 yards depending how many carries he splits with Ricky. For touchdowns between 9-13 depending on how much they use him in the red zone(remember he did have 8 touchdowns before going down against the Buccaneers in week 10)

Williams:  Personally my favorite dolphin in the past couple of years. When Ronnie went down last year many of us including me thought Ricky couldn't produce, saying he was to old (yeah I realize how wrong I was). But Ricky shocked us in the next game against the Panthers when he rushed for 119 yards two touchdowns and also having one receiving touchdown. After that all of us dolphin fans knew that he would fill in for Ronnie nicely. To finish the season off he rushed for 1121 yards and 10 touchdowns setting an NFL record for longest span between 1000 yard seasons which is 6 years. Hey not to bad for a 32 year old running back. Ricky made it clear last year that this will be his last year of playing football although I am not sure  if he is ready to hang up the towel because he did hire Drew Rosenhaus as his agent this off season but being a 33 (just turned 33 this may) year old running back I don't know how much gas he has left in the tank. Depending on how Ricky performs next year it could be anywhere from 500-1000 yards (I know that is a huge interval but as I said before not sure how much he has left in the tank) and between 4-8 touchdowns depending on how much he is used in the red zone.

Cobbs: Very underrated player also a personal favorite of Tony Sparano Patrick Cobbs is a very dynamic back he can run, catch, and return kicks and is an intricate part of the wildcat. Though his stats from last year weren't as good as they should've been with him going down with an injury in week 5 against the Jets I still have confidence in him I mean this the guy who had an 80 yard touchdown against the texans two years ago. Since I couldn't say alot about cobbs here you go my treat even though it says 78 its really an 80 yard touchdown

Hilliard:  Has shown promise on runs he rushed for 89 yards one touchdown and two receiving touchdowns. This guy is very good at pass protection which is one of the reasons while he will probably stay around on the team there isn' a lot of video on this kid so no video available.

Sheets: Picked him up from the 49ers practice squad had one rush for 5 yards. Shows promise with his speed and elusiveness. There is one thing Tony Sparano regrets he didn't do last year was use this Kory Sheets more well hopefully this year he can be in the game so we can see what this kid can do. Shout out to Weecho85 for showing me the video

Polite: Last but certainly not least the monster Lousaka Polite. I can use two words to some him up A beast. This guy has converted I think 15 out of 15 rushing attempts on 3rd or 4th down to get the first down (correct me if I am wrong here I don't know the exact stat. easily one of the best run blocking full backs in the league

If you see any Grammar problems or spelling mistakes just tell me and I will fix it ASAP.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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