Alpha Bits - The Undefeated Season

A perfect season is any sports season, including the playoff portion of a season, in which a team remains undefeated and untied.  Some try to include just winning a consecutive number of games as better than what the Dolphins winning numbers did.  I do not.

The one team that seems to be thrown in this quest for being better than the Dolphins is, of course, the nasty New England Patriots.  I get numbingly tired of theirs fans, expecially those in the sports media, that tout the Patrots as better if they win more consective games while they overlap seasons.  Ridiculous.  That's why it's called a season... there's a beginning and an end.

Some teams perfected during a season: 1934/1942 Chicago Bears, 1948 Cleveland Browns, and the 1937 Los Angeles Bulldogs.  None had playoff or championship wins, only because they didn't have that back then.  I only mention the football teams, as I am sure there are other sports teams that have perfected their seasons.

The longest winning streak in one season is held by the New England Patriots with an NFL-record 18-game regular season winning streak after a 16-0 regular season in 2007.  They lost the Super Bowl though (LOL), to finish 18-1(LOL).


During the 1972 season, Dolphins linebacker Nick Buoniconti teammates joked about a perfect season.  "Which game are we going to lose?" they asked.  "Nobody goes undefeated." 

A few have come close.  The Bears in 1934, went 13-0 during the regular season, only to lose 30-13 in the Championship Game to the Giants.  Eight years later, the Bears won all 11 regular season games but fell to the Redskins in the title game.  Four other teams in NFL history were unbeaten, but not untied. 

Miami had reached the Super Bowl in the previous season, but had been outclassed by Dallas 24-3.  Even though the Dolphins had many stars on their offense with Bob Griese at QB, Paul Warfield at WR, and a trio of RB's that included Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick, and Mercury Morris, the defense was named the "No-Name Defense", due to the lack of the same.

Additionally, Griese had been lost during week five for the remainder of the season.  That left matters up to 38 year old backup, Earl Morrall, to take charge. 

During the AFC Championship game, they rallied to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-17.  Even so, they entered the Super Bowl as underdogs against the Washington Redskins.  "That was the final straw," Csonka said.

The SuperBowl ended with Miami victorious at 14-7. 

"If another team is good enough to go undefeated, more power to them," says Bob Griese.  Griese returned to lead the Dolphins in the AFC Championship and Super Bowl.  "We will always be the first to have done that, which nobody can take away."

I leave you "The Game" to punctuate all games.... 

Perfect Miami Dolphins - 1972 (via dsteding)

This site has the best stats I've ever seen on the '72 Dolphins.  Worth taking at least a cursory look.  (two 1,000 yard runners baby!)

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