Growth & Rookie Talent

There so much this team has yet to show the rest of the NFL. There are the rising stars in Henne and Wake. Is there anyone out there that doubts Henne will be a franchise QB? I'm not saying he's going to be 13, but he showed he can be a top 10 QB in this league. All he needs to do is work on his touch pass. Lucky for him he has one of the best touch pass QB's teaching him. Chad Pennington, I never though I would grow to like him like I do. He means so much to this teams and his fingerprints are all over it. He's a big reason our team is were we are today.

Wake, there's so much talk about how he needs to be well rounded. But, he if gets a lot of QB pressure and sacks it wont matter if he's well rounded or not. That will make the entire defense better. Is there anyone out there that thinks he wont get at least 10 sacks? I'm thinking he will get into the 20's with Nolan here. That might be quite an ambitious prediction. But would you be surprised if he does get that many sacks? Nolan got 17 sacks from Elvis Dumervil. I think Wake is better than Elvis and is surrounded by better talent.

Randy Starks NT experiment. This will be our Achilles heel. But, I think he will be fine. He has played a limited role in the NT spot before and has done well, even getting a sack. The only question I have is can he do it consistently for a whole game.

Koa Misi. This guy has all the tools. More Importantly, he is really smart. You can see the gears churning in his head when he plays. This made him one of my top picks at SOLB. I think he will be a nice surprise. He may surprise a QB or two with his coverage skills 

Odrick , He doesn't get talked about a lot. Strange, because he's a first round pick. All I can say is this guy is a beast on the line. He was double covered almost all the time and held his ground in college. But, when he was singled covered he was getting to the QB.

I make it known here that Crowder is an under-appreciated player among phin fans. This year, he wont be asked to be a play-maker like he was asked last year. So he will be back to do what he excels at and 2008 form. That is playing the run. However, I am really excited to see Edds in coverage. It amazes me how he can run with a receiver. If this guy can play the run we are looking and one of the best drafts ever. I hope Edds gets to talk to Thomas and takes advantage of that time. He will learn a lot of valuable information from ZT. 

John Jerry. Having him play next to Jake Long will be a sight to see. They say he's good in the run game. But, If he can also become good in the passing game that will make a dangerous duo. 

Chris Clemons, There is a lot of doubt out there. But, if we want to have a playoff team he will have to perform good. And I think he will do just fine. For me, he doesn't have to make ints. He just has to be a solid tackler and stop some big plays. Most importantly he must not let big plays become bigger plays. If he does this we will be in great shape.

I'm really excited to see what these rookies do and the growth of Henne, Wake, Starks, and Clemons. I think all will be great players for us this year. The rookies may start off the season slow but by mid-season they will be turning up the heat.


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