A Truly Dominant Offense

                  Last year we had some very good offensive outings, we showed an ability to run and pass effectively, but we allowed the opponents to lean on our run game, why, because we couldn't force them not to, it really is that simple. We could dink and dunk for some yards with the best of them, but that isn't always enough in the NFL, you need some more (here it comes, wait for it) chunk yardage, that's what "loosens" a defense.

                 Loosening the defense, it's what it's all about, no matter how you accomplish it, accomplish it, we couldn't many times last year, we had a great run game, especially when Ronnie was still playing, and we had a great underneath passing game, below avg mid range passing game, poor deep threat. We were clearly most dangerous nearer to the line of scrimmage, and teams played us accordingly.

                 No matter how you accomplish it, accomplish it, well, Brandon Marshall, mission accomplished. Brandon Marshall is one of those special WRs who is dangerous from behind the line of scrimmage on a screen, and on a straight up fly pattern, his ability to go up and get the ball, and then run over/through would be tacklers makes him dangerous before he even enters the building, defense loosened.

                 No longer can teams lean on our run game, which will also open the run game more, more room to run for the R&R express, and they will get chunk yards more often, and when the defense leans forward again BANG! Brandon Marshall, touchdown, makin miracles happen baby.

                  When you as the offense can dictate what the defense does, your a good offense, when you can make defenses do things they don't want, your a great offense, we haven't had that since Marino's hey day, we now have a chance at surpassing that greatness, a high level passing attack combined with a great running attack.  

                   A high level passing attack combined with a great running attack, when you are truly dangerous at both you make defenses unsure, unsure defenses don't play well, in a way you have already won the battle of the mind, thats why great teams seem to play on a tilted field, they make teams do things they don't want to, it all just compounds on a defense.

                   What is exciting to me as a Dolphin fan right now is that we are that close to having it, not a lot of "if's", no huge jumps for anyone, no huge leaps of faith, or in logic, if there is not a scrap of improvement from anyone on offense, the simple addition of Marshall makes us a truly great offense, "if" Henne improves a little, "if" our O line is a little better, if other players make little improvements, then we can be a truly dominant offense.

                   A truly dominant offense, this could be the best medicine for a young gelling defense, but more importantly can win some games for us, even with some defensive flaws, and if the defense gets better as the season goes on, Fergy comes back, we could actually be a SB team, if we do have a truly dominant offense.           

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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