The Elephant in the Room

                              The definition;

"Elephant in the room" (also "elephant in the sitting room", "elephant in the living room", "elephant in the parlor", "elephant in the corner", "elephant on the dinner table", "elephant in the kitchen", "elephant in the champagne room", and "elephant on the coffee table") is an Englishidiom for an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.[1]

It is based on the idea that an elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook; thus, people in the room who pretend the elephant is not there have made a choice. They are choosing to concern themselves with tangential or small and irrelevant issues rather than deal with the looming big one.

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       Six new starters on defense, that is over half the starting unit for those of you who did not have math as a major ;^J, that is not something to just shrug off, even if they were all proven starters, which they are not, sometimes that many new players need time to jell, and many of our new starters will have new back ups, there has been quite an upheaval on the defensive side of the ball, one that is reminiscent of a new regime, not the final tweaking of a three year rebuilding process, and no one is talking about it.

         Well thats not exactly true, many are talking as if it is an improvement, and we will be better, but that is far from certain, five of those new starters will be starting at their respective positions for the first time....... again,  five of those new starters will be starting at their respective positions for the first time....... whats more, we are depending on too many rookies, teams making the final adjustments are not usually in that position, we are relying on rookies to fill critical roles at safety, inside and outside linebackers, defensive end and offensive guard, and no one is talking about it.

         Well again, thats not exactly true, many talk as though nothing but good can come of it, but thats not a realistic view, as I have said before, the more "ifs" you have, the more "iffy" your chances become, now thats not my opinion, that is indefatigable, and our "ifs"?

         Well our "ifs" are as follows;

IF Cam Wake can be as effective as we think he can, and if not,

IF Charlie Anderson can be a starting caliber OLB, and also overall,

IF Wake and Anderson, and/or Chris McCoy maybe can become a viable team on the weak side.

IF Chris Clemons can be a good starter, and if not,

IF Tyrone Culver can, or either of the rookies Reshad Jones and Jonathan Amaya, and for that matter,

IF Jones or Amaya can become a reliable back up, because we definitely NEED at least one of them to.

IF Koa Misi or Quentin Moses can become a decent starter, and also if they can become a good enough team to man that SOLB position.

IF Tim Dobbins is as good a back up as Reggie Torbor was.

IF Randy Starks can man the nose and be effective, and

IF Phillip Merling or Jared Odrick or Tony McDaniel can become a decent starter.

IF we can get as much out of this rookie class as we need this year, because they are rookies after all, and sometimes need time to develop.

      It makes me a little uncomfortable to be getting all this hype, as in the many top ten to fifteen power rankings we are receiving, and our defense still a big question mark, after all, it wasn't a lack of offense that lost us the Saint's and Colt's games, it was a lack of defense.

      I understand where the optimism comes from, Nolan, he's turned a defense around quickly before, Dansby is a HUGE upgrade over Ayodele, Wake looks primed for a big season, whether he starts or not, and a lot of promise at other spots, but they are unrealized promises as of yet, Pat White and Patrick Turner had promise last year too, and it may take a year for it all to come together, and for a couple of our rookies at least, it will never come together, thats just how it works.

      I think this is what we are all waiting to see, but we seem to be avoiding this issue, the huge turnover in personnel on the defensive side of the ball, our seasons success relies heavily upon how well our defense can play, our offense will definitely be better, but will our defense be better right away, because it isn't a failure if it takes a year with this type of turnover.

      There seems to be this assumption that it will all just work out, here and everywhere, I just recently heard a power ranking on NFL radio that had us at 8, I hope for the best but we are depending on a lot of things, when your depending on so many things, some are bound to miss, we may still be a year or so away from seriously contending, it's a reality we don't hear much about.

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