Is Marshall and Our Defensive Overhaul enough?


I am as hardcore a fan as the rest of you but I've have a few troubling thoughts on my mind as of late. I, without a

doubt, know that we will finish the 2010-2011 season with a winning record. How far above .500 will that be is what I


CAPS but I'm trying to prove a point. Not aware? Just take a look.  (league rank) PTS 24.4 (25th)  YDS 349.3 (22nd)

PASS YDS 234.6(24th) RUSH YDS 114.7 (18th)If you're like me, this wasn't news to you. Now, optimistically

speaking, we have made some changes. We got younger and faster. But better? There is so much unknown and

so many unproven players on defense to say that we have a legit shot at a playoff run. Realistically, I think we will be

10-6 and slip in as a wild card. I don't think we will make it very far into the playoffs... THIS YEAR! I will explain as I

breakdown the entire regular season schedule. (These are wildy, vague assumptions.) Just for kicks. I do honestly

think this is what our record will be, though. You can quote me on this part. WE WILL HAVE A TOP 10 OFFENSE

THIS YEAR! That is what will help us get to an 11 win season if our defense struggles.

My Predictions:

Week 1: MIA @ BUF: I'm not going to get into detail about this one. Fins win 30-14

Week 2: MIA @ MIN: Assuming Favre returns, Miami gets handed there first lose to a formidable Vikings team that

nearly made it to the big game last year. Vikings win 31-21

Week3: NYJ @ MIA: Our first home game against our bitter rivals goes down to the end as usual but the Fins are

still getting all the kinks worked out and NY ends our streak, as we're sitting at 1-2. Jets win 28-23

Week 4: NE @ MIA: By week 4, the Fins will start to gel. Henne lights it up for his first 300 yard passing game of the

season, along with 2 td's and a pick. Carpenter kicks the game winner and the Fins even out at 2-2. Fins win 24-21

Week 5: Bye

Week 6: MIA @ GB: Miami puts up a good fight but Aaron Rodgers returns to Pro Bowl form as he picks our young

secondary apart. GB wins 27-17

Week 7: PIT @ MIA: Big Ben and the Steelers won't have a bounce back season as the Fins rushing/pass attack

combonation prove to be a bit much. Fins win 30-21

Week 8: MIA @ CIN: The Bengals defense won't be able to contain the R&R Express and the Fins steam roll the

weak Bengals rush defense. By week 8 the Fins will be above .500 at 4-3. Fins win 24-20

Week 9: MIA @ BAL: That Ravens defense proves to be too much for the Fins once again. Ravens win 24-14

Week 10: TEN @ MIA: Young and Johnson run wild against our struggling rush defense. The Titans will have a

bounce back season and prove to be a bit much for the Fins. Titans win 28-20

Sorry I got lazy but this is how I see weeks 11-17 resulting. 

11 Nov 18 CHI @ MIA Sun Life Stadium W, 31-21

 12 Nov 28 MIA @ OAK Oakland Coliseum W, 24-14

 13 Dec 05 CLE @ MIA Sun Life Stadium W, 38-20

14 Dec 12 MIA @ NYJ New York Stadium W, 24-21

 15 Dec 19 BUF @ MIA Sun Life Stadium W, 20-17

16 Dec 26 DET @ MIA Sun Life Stadium W, 35-20

 17 Jan 02 MIA @ NE Gillette Stadium L, 42-27 Miami's 6 game winning streak is put to an end by the Patriots at 


Foxboro in January. 


Well, have fun with this one. Bring on the comments!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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