Voting for the Starters: WR 2

Hi everyone, welcome to the first official edition of "Voting for the Starters" that is not 100% obvious!

Today, we will be voting on who we think should start opposite to Brandon Marshall, who we voted for in the last post, to be out starting WR.

So far, our roster is, as expected:

QB: Chad Henne

RB: Ronnie Brown

FB: Lousaka Polite

WR1: Brandon Marshall

Alright, lets get started.

Brian Hartline:

I love Brian Hartline. He has incredible upside.He really is the ideal Kevin Walter-like player to start opposite to Brandon Marshall. He runs good routes, not afraid to get hit, has reliable hands, and is pretty good after the catch. He is a pretty big guy, too, so that does hurt his speed a little, but he does have good speed for his size, and is also surprisingly quick.

Hartline is definitely MY vote foe who I think should start opposite to B-Marsh.

Davone Bess:

Although I don't think he should start, Davone Bess is my favorite player (in the ENTIRE NFL). Even though that might be changing soon once I start watching Marshall in a fins uniform. Anyway, I think Bess is better suited as our slot guy. He had a great season last year out of the slot, leading our team in overall and 3rd down receptions.

He has great hands (although sometimes he drops easy passes because he tries to start running before he catches the ball), incredible quickness, his speed is fine, he runs awesome routes, and he has dreads. 90% of players with dreads are good. He is also very good over the middle (not afraid of contact), and good after the catch.

Greg Camarillo:

Greg is very similar to Hartline in many ways, but I think overall, Hartline has more upside, and thats why my vote is for him. But Camarillo, like Hartline has great hands, runs good routes, and doesn't run away from tacklers.

Camarillo is also okay after the catch, and a little slower than Hartline and Bess, I believe. I actually think that Camarillo can be put on the field whenever we really need a catch to be made because he just DOESN'T drop passes.

Patrick Turner:

Unless he really shows up this offseason, which he is already a step behind due to his injury, he might not even make the cut this year. I really hope Turner can improve and be a key factor to this team. He is s big, imagine having Brandon Marshall (6'4) and Patrick Turner (6'5), thats amazing. We could be like the Chargers.

Ryan Grice-Mullen:

He is a Davone Bess-like receiver. I don't really think he has much of a chance at starting, but maybe he can come in and rotate with other guys.

Julius Pruitt:

All I really know is that he is tall and fast. How is he doing in OTA's?

Pat White:

Only reason why I'm mentioning Pat is because of the possibility that we move him to receiver.


Alright, the way I see it, the real competition for this spot is Bess, Hartline and Camarillo. No one else, in my opinion, really has a shot at getting this spot, unless Pat Turner shows up this offseason.

Time to vote...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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