Dolphins Roster Ratings for Madden 11


ESPN has the individual ratings out for our beloved Dolphins and the Jets.  After taking a quick glance, it seems the ratings are pretty fair on both teams.  A few odd ratings do stand out to me.

For our WRs/TEs, the most startling stat is an 83 catch rating for Greg Camarillo, known as the best possession WR on Miami's roster.  As much as I love Marshall in Miami, a 97 is high for him when he has had previous cases of dropped passes.  I know Camarillo is not a huge playmaker, but an overall rating of 73 with 82 speed and 83 catch makes him a very average WR.  I would've liked to see Camarillo with a high 70s overall rating, but with very good catch skills.  The other baffling ratings come with the speed of Fasano.  Granted, he doesn't have the speed to spread the field, but you'd figure his speed rating (67) would still be above the likes of someone like Merling (72).  Even Jake Long and Donald Thomas have speed ratings of 66, but have higher acceleration ratings than Fasano.  For the record, Fasno has an acceleration of 69 with Long at 82 and Thomas at 78.  I'm not saying Fasano is fast, but surely he is faster than Long and Thomas.

Our QB ratings look decent with Henne at 79 and Pennington at 78.  It's Henne's awareness (72) that brings him down and Pennington's throw power (69) that hurts him.  I do think 69 is still a little low for CP though.  I'd prefer to see Henne's accuracy (78) maybe raised a few points higher being that he completed nearly 68% of his passes during the final stretch of last year.  Maybe the low 80s is where I'd like to see it.

I think our OL is rated very well, but maybe Joe Berger, our do-it-all lineman could have been rated higher overall (74) than he is listed.  He's shown great versatility last year and filled in nicely for Grove.  While some expected Berger to possibly take over for Grove on a permanent basis, there is quite the disparity in ratings (74 compared to Grove's 87).

I like the ratings of our LBs, but hope the progression in the game stays well enough where some players can improve.  For those concerned, Wake is listed at 76 overall and Misi 67.  Both still have good enough power or finesse ratings where they can pressure the QB.

For the CBs, I think Will Allen has been rated low (81 overall) being that he has been a very consistent and borderline pro bowl CB for us.

On the DL side, I love how Starks (89 overall) finally received some love, but am disappointed at an 82 overall for Jason Ferguson.  Ferg has been an important cog in the DL and we sure noticed the difference in our run defense when he was out last season.  A rating between 85-89 would've been better in my opinion.  I also find it strange Tony McDaniel, a valuable rotational player, is at a disappointing 67 overall.  Granted, he's not a star, but for a very good backup I think a rating in the low or mid 70s would've served him well.  On the flip side, Soliai is surprisingly overrated at 76 when you compare him to McDaniel.

Finally, our special teams.  I like Carpenter's rating (82), but Fields has improved every year and put up good numbers.  He has a booming leg and is rated at punt power with 88.  I was expecting low 90s personally.  His punt accuracy is about where I expected it.

You can find the ratings here at ESPN:


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