Part 3 The Influence of Florida Schools on the NFL

Following up on the previous posts for UF and UM, here is an all time NFL squad for FSU.  I am sure there will be many varied opinions on this. I just did the best I could. Here are the links for the 2 previous posts




QB - Brad Johnson -  2 time Pro Bowl..1 time SB champ..14 year career with 4 different teams.  Not spectacular, although with a 14 year career you can not avoid some spectacular moments when playing QB. He had over 29,000 yds and 166 TD passes.  Biggest moment in the sun of course was the Tampa Bay SB win over Oakland.

RB – Warwick Dunn – All round good guy, AP Offensive Rookie of the Year in 1997 for Tampa Bay- 3 time Pro Bowl-Walter Payton Man of the Year(2004)over 10,000 rushing yards-4.1 yard average-49 TD’s

FB – William Floyd – as a rookie with the 49’ers scored 3 td’s – 25 career td’s(5 passing and 20 rushing) but was really known for his blocking ability

WR – Fred Biletnikoff – one of my favorite players , 2nd round pick in 1965 by the Oakland Raiders of the AFL(also a 3rd round pick By Detroit) he went on to a 13 year HOF career.  A 6 time All Pro, Super Bowl XI MVP, he was thought to be too small and too slow.  All he ever did was catch the ball.

WR -  Anqauan Boldin – 2nd round pick in 2003 by the Arizona Cardinals, AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, 3 time Pro Bowl and recently signed With the Ravens

WR – Lavernius Coles – 3rd round pick by the Jests in 2000, Pro Bowl selection in 2003, ED Block Courage award in 2007.  He caught the last TD pass on Monday Night Football on ABC, thrown by Chad Pennington.  He also was considered “the other “ receiver on FSU’s team playing second fiddle to Peter Warwick.

TE – Orson Mobley – 1986 6th round pick by the Denver Broncos.  He played in 3 Superbowls(started in 2)

OT – Walter Jones – 1st round Draft pick by the Seahawks in 1997, played 12 years for them.  9 time Pro Bowl, 7 time All Pro(4 time 1st team), member of the 2000’s All Decade team and widely recognized as one of the best left tackles to play the game, his #71 is retired by the Seahawks.

OT – Alex Barron – 2005 1st round pick for St Louis, currently with Dallas

OG – Montrae Holland – 2003 4th round pick for New Orleans, currently with Dallas

OG – Todd Fordham – 9 year career with Jaguars, Steelers and Panthers

C – Jamie Dukes – 9 year career with Falcon, Packers and Cardinals.  Currently on NFL Network

Punter -  Rhon Stark – 2nd round pick of the Baltimore Colts in 1982.  He had a 15 year career and played in 4 Pro Bowls.

Kicker – Sebastion Janikowski – 1st round pick by Oakland in 2000.  Still with Oakland, 2 time Lou Groza award winner, Raiders franchise leading scorer, 57 yard FG in the playoffs is a playoff record.

DL – Darnell Dockett – 3rd round pick for the Cardinals in 2004. 2 time Pro Bowl, 1 time All Pro

DL – Corey Simon – 1st round pick for the Eagles in 2000. He played in 4 NFC Chapionship games and 1 Superbowl.  His career was cut short  by arthritis.

DL – Everette Brown – 2nd round pick by the Panthers in 2009. 

LB – Peter Boulware – 1st round pick by the Ravens in 1997.  In his 8 year career with the Ravens he was a 4 time Pro Bowl, 1 time All Pro,1997 defensive ROY, played in 1 Superbowl and is in the Ravens Ring of Honor.

LB -  Derrick Brooks – 1st round pick for the Bucs in 1995.  In his 13 year career, all with the Bucs, 11 time Pro Bowl, 6 time 1st team All Pro, AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2002, NFL 2000’s All Decade Team.

LB – Marvin Jones – 1st round pick by the Jests in 1993. He was 1st team All Pro in 2000.

LB – Sam Cowart – 1st round pick in 1998 by the Bills.  He was an All Pro selection in 2000.

DB – Dion Sanders – 1st round pick by the falcons in 1989.  8 time Pro Bowl, 6 time 1st team All Pro, played in 2 Superbowls, 1994 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, NFL 1990’s All Decade Team and all round blowhard.

DB – Terrell Buckley – 1992 1st round pick by the Packers.  I’m pretty sure he was the originator of the “Lambeau Leap”.

DB – Leroy Butler – 1990 2nd round pick by the Packers.4 time All Pro, played in 1 Superbowl, NFL 1990’s All Decade Team.

DB – Samari Rolle – 2nd round pick by the titans in 1998.  He was an All Pro in 2000.

Looks like a heel of a good defense to me.  I welcome all criticisms and comments.

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