JT:It is NOT business, it is personal


JT- it is not business, it is personal! Story-edit

I was completely ready to move on from the whole JT mess. I disagreed, but I grudgingly accepted the Cam Wake and newly drafted Misi- plan of action. I am ready to move on and let my personal opinion on the whole JT fiasco go. I really am!.......I decided to move on. 

 I am more excited for this Dolphin season then any year in recent memory. I really am!...I'm moving on.

I have complete confidence in our FO. I really do!....moving on. 

I do not understand the FO  thinking on our OLB situtation. I really really really DON"T! ............Unless of course, their decision on letting JT walk was strictly personal, NOT business. In fact, it was buisness. BAD BUSINESS! Really Really bad busisness....ugh!...I can't move on.

To now understand that our plan at OLB is Charlie F-ing Anderson? Has that really been the plan all along at  OLB? Is that whose progress JT was holding up? A career back up for a Hall of Famer? JT was not holding us hostage for $. He all but begged to stay. He is still productive. I love Tuna, but was it really so hard for him to accept the fact JT spent a few months wearing a tu-tu and missed some OTA's? Come on BIll? ...why couldn't YOU move on???  IF you had a better plan, OK.... BUt you didn't have a better plan. You don't have a better option. And you let you personal feelings/EGO get in the way of a solid business decision.

Tuna, I respect the heck out of you. However, you made a crappy decision on so many levels.

You allowed our competition to be better. You made an awful football decision. A terrible business decision. And  bad Public relations move.  You allowed the better, more effective player walk.

I can reach no other conclusion except: JT leaving WAS NOT BUSINESS, IT WAS PERSONAL!

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