SBNation Unofficial Fantasy Football League(s)

Fantasy Football continues to sweep the nation every fall. I think it's time that it swept the SBNation as well.

You know, it was CHiYNB who got me to thinking (and Bicycle, please do forgive me if you feel this is infringing on your idea or stealing your innovation; that is not my intention here): why not do a fantasy football league for the entire site? SBNation as a whole has 32 sports blogs dedicated to this wonderful league of ours known as the NFL. Yahoo! Fantasy Leagues allow you to hold up to 20 teams in a given league, but I don't want to isolate anybody. Find my idea after the jump.

We set up two leagues: one being AFC, one NFC. Within each league, we'll have four divisions (also the max). Obviously, we set each up as North/West/East/South, and slot the appropriate blog per their NFL destination. The Phinsider would have their own team in the AFC League, East Division. Bolts from the Blue would have their own team in the AFC League, West Division. The Falcoholic would have their own team in the NFC League, South Division. And so forth, etc. Here's the twist, and where I want to differ from the usual setup of teams in these fantasy leagues: Each blog's team would not be represented by a single member. In fact, every active member of a given blog will make combined decisions.

For example: during the draft (which would have to start right away, given the length of time it would take to conduct two separate drafts), when X blog site is up to pick, they will have such a time period to poll their bloggers on who their pick should be. Obviously, we don't have all day for each blog to pick, so each blog would have so many hours to poll their fans and get their selection in. Another example: during the season, blogs can have their own FanPosts active where a given member can suggest a free agent acquisition, trade, etc. where the other fans can vote on whether or not the idea should fly.

It is entirely feasible that we make it so that each blog's lead blogger is part of a 16- or 32-person group who act as the collective commissioner. This could be discussed, as I'm sure those bloggers would much rather participate in the playing of the fantasy game.

One thing's for certain: this idea does not isolate anybody, and, to me, serves as a true measure of just how active and intelligent each blog is. This is for bragging rights, the type of bragging rights any team would want over division rivals.

To make things simple and avoid wasting time, I'd propose that we keep the rules very similar to CHiYNB's: PPR, Head-to-Head (of course), Playoff Weeks of 15, 16, 17 (to extend the season as long as possible; this is very open to suggestion), etc. 6 points per TD (regardless of position, so QB passes get 6), -2 per interception, -2 per fumble lost, a point or half a point per reception, etc. Throw me some ideas, and let me know just how interested the lot of you are. With enough interest, I'll definitely float this idea out to the remainder of the blogs with an official post stating that the challenge is on.

Now, one last thing I NEED to mention: As each league (NFC v. AFC) would be separate, players would be duplicated. It would be feasible that an NFC blog of Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson (for example's sake) could face an AFC blog of CJ and AP. Honestly, it's far too complicated otherwise (though I'd love to spread the players out across both leagues). Makes free agency too tough to negotiate and keep track of, and etc.

Now, this idea literally JUST sprang to my head, but I'm already loving it. Please give me some hints, tips, votes, and whatever else you might want to throw in. I'd love to get this started ASAP if we can get enough members to care about it. Hell, my goal is to have almost literally every active member from every blog participate, because that would be full-out epic. We'll see where this goes, first.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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