Fishing for News is back with a vengeance.

 And by vengeance I mean this post will make your eyes bleed, now let me explain why I havent been as active:

1) Summer Job: I gots to make money, and working in a Doctor's office is going to look awesome on  a resume, not to mention the experience.

2) Doldrums.

3) I had been sick  lately, thats what happens when you work with sick old people.

Anyway consider this a recap of l the previous week's news(as I had wanted to post this last week but  life gets in the way) as well as some newer stuff.


- Sparano's Presser.

- Interview with an EarthWake.

- John Jerry has impressed.

- Notes from Mini Camp. The First link is a video BTW 

- 5 Storylines to look for as training camp nears. Can August get here faster?

- The Final OTAs mean alot to everyone involved.

- Henne and Marshall hook up (no homo).

- Dansby leads our young LB group.



- Some broken tackle stats to peruse.

- Well we all have that small hope in the back of our minds that he can.

- Well so much for my "throw it to Marshall every timel" plan. I do miss the NFL 2k games.

- Thats about right, Safety is still an issue.

- Ricky agrees with Stephen Ross.

- NFL Live on Ross' comments.

- I do agree with Teddy, No one will ever be Dan Marino, Henne could very well kick ass tfor the next decade, but lets not put too much pressure on him.

- The Beast cannot be stopped.

- B-Marsh interview on ESPN 760, wait how come I cant get that down here?

- Sparano is pleased with our two main weapons.

- Run humility,exe, run kill all humans.exe in T- minus....

- Tim Graham Meditates with Ricky.

- Chris Clemons is on the radar.

- The AFCE Wire.


- More on Henne Vs Sanchez

- Ricky  wishes that more of his teammates meditated.

- Does anyone really check the article titles at ESPN?

- The debate that never ends.



Miami Herald:

- Dansby has been earning alot of praise.

- Wake expects more out of himself.

- Sean Smith aint gonna mess around this year.

- OLB is still a work in progress.

- Mini-Camp wrap up.

- Salguero on Pat White

- Jake Long is a stud, of course we all know that.

- Marshall has some catching up to do.

- Laying off the booze is also useful for losing weight, Coach S.(I'm not sure he'd like me calling him that.)

- Juck the Fets.

-  Could Amaya be a sleeper?

- A transcript of Sparano's presser.

- Henne takes advice from Marino and Parcells.

- The competition for who rides shotgun next to B-Marsh should be a good one.

- Jeff Ireland is satisfied, I hope we will be as well this year.

- I do hope MadDog can call games once again,

- Please stay one more year Ricky.

- Meet your New VP of Offciating.

- Dolphins Vets praise the rooks, and discuss who  the MIPs are.


- Nolan on the FS position.

- Vontae Davis and Sean Smith expect huge seasons.

- Could Merling be traded?

- 15 Observations from Minicamp.

- OTA Wrapup

- Crowder vows to participate in TC.

- And I have one!

- The Wildcat is indeed here to stay

- Parcells speaks about sucess and failure.

- Congrats Ricky!

- And your next two honor roll inductees are....

- Todd Bowles interview.

- The fire still burns for Ferguson.

- Another Tony Sparano PC transcript.

- Dave Hyde attends Ricky's Meditation course.

- Omar K's offensive Depth Chart.

- The All-Jersey Team.

- Fasano signs his tender.

- Interview with a Baker.

- Is Pennington heading to the PUP list?

- Brandon Marshall Q and A.

- Clearly they should be sent to the chair.

- Chris Clemons interview.

- Omar K's defensive depth chart.

- Thats quite the endorsement.


Palm Beach Post:

- Jake Long adds 6 pounds of muscle.

- The best WRs will play, says Sparano.

- Pat White learned alot this offseason.

- Penn State prepared Odrick well apparently.

- 4 reasons why we will and 4 reasons why we wont sign OJ.

- What did we learn from Mini-Camp?

- Thigpen is finally getting to work on his fundamentals.

- Seriously whats with the innuendo in these articles?

- Bill Sherridan sizes up his rookies.

- Blame Canada, Blame Canada!

- Some OTA Notes.

- GC83 is looking into broadcasting.

- The Fins have big plans for Tim Dobbins


Around the Interwebs: 

- Sparano raves about Starks' recent transition to NT.

- Say what you will about Armando but fat guy jokes are funny.

- Some Fins Minicamp Observations.

- Breaking down the Fins by position.

- Miami still has issues at Safety.

- Fin fans should enjoy the upcoming season.

- Damn straight Sanchez is overhyped.

- A Great breakdown on DL substitutions.

- An Older Fins Report. 

- More teams are willing to start rookie CBs, thanks to....

- Henne ends the decade long QB search.

- The Latest Fins Team Report.

- Can Henne have a breakout year? We all hope he does.

- We have had quite  a few gadget plays in our history.

- NFLTA's Fins Report.

- Guess who is amongst the Top 10 WR tandems?

- A Karlos Dansby Interview.

- I dont know if this is good or bad.

- A Week 1 win would be nice.

- A great breakdown of the Dolphins by Sporting News.

- What schemes could be best for these rookies?


What Are The Fans Saying?  

- Are the Fins are in pursuit of Juice?

- Nolan's Denver D.

- Dispelling the biggest myth about the Fish.

- Interview with AJ Edds, also is it pronounced "Eads" or Edds"?

- Who is Joe Danna?

- Is Clemons the guy?

- We are "becoming a new team." 

- "Drew's Views" Because who doesnt like Rosenhaus?

- A breakdown of Marshall's hip injury.

A discussion of Lindsy's Fins Preview.

- Fans discuss what ESPN's Insiders had to say about our odds of getting OJ Atogwe.

A great read about Henne.

- In defense of a very young....Defense.

- Are we done with free agency?

- Has the Eagle Landed in Miami?

- Marshall has been working with the "juggs machine."

- Some thoughts on the Atogwe situation

- Embrace the Robot already.

- Davone Bess is seriously awesome.

- "If it werent for my horse I would never have spend that year in college."  Much like that sentence, you should not think so hard about this article. Although the Dude's rantings are awesome.

 - You may now get a B-Marsh jersey.


Well that wraps up this edition of FFN, sorry its late but w/e, you cant rush perfection as they say. Sorry no pics of cheerleaders today, just google them yourself you lazy bastards. I cant do everything for you can I? There will be T and A to finish off the next one.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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