How Safe is Pat White?

 I guess there was another player by the name of Pat White that played quarterback for West Virginia University, because this guy definitely doesn't play for the Dolphins.





Instead we get this



All jokes aside, we have four quarterbacks on the roster and no team carries that many into the season. There has been speculation that Pennington would be placed on the PUP, but even if that holds true someone still needs to be cut before you can put him back on the roster after 6 weeks. As of right now our backup QB is Tyler Thigpen because after Henne Thigpen is the only healthy QB that can actually throw the ball. The reason Pat White was supposed to be an asset to the wildcat was because of his ability to throw.

Dating back to last off-season there have been reports that his throwing was pretty erratic. Instead of being an asset Ithink Pat White is hindering the wildcat. He is no where near the threat that Ronnie Brown (or any runningback for that matter) is  running the ball inside. Pat White is clearly too small and will only hurt himself with too much exposure to inside running. Also Pat White has proved that he is not able to throw the ball effectively, i think that case was made in the last game against the Steelers. Throughout the season Sparano tried to throw Pat White in at some of the most random situations, that alone tells me there is no real plan for Pat White.


We all know Pat White has tools to be a versatile player, but that versatility remains to be seen. Despite our lack of quality starters and depth at the return specialist position, I have yet to see Pat White return a kick/punt or catch a single pass. If that was their plan for Pat White to begin with then he would've been involved in such. We will know Pat White has become a failure when they try to convert him to another position ala Ernest Wilford.

Some believe Pat White's second round draft status will save him from getting the boot.  It's not as rare as some may think when it comes to parting ways with a second round draft pick that didn't work out. Here is a list of players drafted in the 2nd round that were either released or traded during their 1st 2 or 3 seasons in the league.


Chad Jackson, New England Patriots (2006- 2007)

Jimmy Williams, Atlanta Falcons (2006-2007)

Anthony Fasano, Dallas Cowboys (2006-2007)

Bernard Pollard, Kansas City Cheifs (2006- 2008)



Kenny Irons, Cincinnati Bengals (2007)

Tim Corwder, Denver Broncos (2007-2008)

Ikaika Alama-Francis, Detroit Lions (2007- 2008)

John Beck, Miami Dolphins (2007-2008)

Chris Houston, Atlanta Falcons (2007-2009)



Quentin Groves, Jacksonville Jaguars (2008-2009)

Brian Brohm, Green Bay Packers (2008- 2009)

Dexter Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2008)




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