Luck and Standards

i have been noticing how when some things happen in football that folks chalk it up to luck.. good or bad.  so it got me to thinking. is there really luck in football? 

my there isnt.  now now before ya grab ya torches and pitch forks and start screaming for my head let me explaine.

ok say you have a running back coming out of the back field and he fumbles the ball and it takes a bounce back into his hands and he makes six more yards out of it.  now most folks would say that is lucky would you not?

i say it wasnt luck at all but skill of the player. 

Luck yes that the ball bounced his way instead of off his foot  and ten yards away from him. but it was his skill in reacting fast enough to see what happened and to get the ball back under his control all the while  a flurry of 300lb guys are trying to smash him into the ground.  now if he wasnt skilled  enough then tno matter what way that ball bounced he would have missed it and  instead of a six yard gain it was a turn over.

same could be said for tipped balls.  no matter where it is tipped if the players around the ball is skilled enough it is either caught or intercepted.  there for taking the luck factor out of it.

 even bad calls by the ref's can fall under this. say a team gets a 10 yrd penelty it will be there skill as a team to either  make up those yrds and say get a 20 yrd run or pass out of it or to just go three and out.

*smiles* so this is my take on luck.  now feel free to scream for my head.


now we come to my second part of this post.  again  i have seen how fans are already given up on pat white. ohh and before i go on i am in no way on the pat white bandwagon.  but seems to me that fans are not holding him to the same standards that we have held henne to.  i mean  henne has  done what we all agree is a great plan for young QB"S year one hold the clip board.  year two get one the field  with limited playing time. year three take over the team.  he has done that and folks are already calling him the next greatest qb the phins have ever had if not the best. which in my view has yet to be seen until he does it.

yet with white year one toss him on the field make only five pass atempts. no year two in the books yet and no year three at all. and everyone is already calling him a bust.

is this not double standards? sure looks like it to me.

 as my great grand pappy use to say:  you poke your eye with your finger. it hurts dont it?  dont do it again.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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