Animals Den Volume 2

good evening fellow phins fans.  finally enough things have happend for me to write about.  SO pull up a chair, pass the pipe and lets get started.


well here we are still dredging thru  the waste land that is known as the off season.   and our little inner football players are so starved for news that they are looking like eithiopins *sp.  hum maybe we could start a fund  like on tv.

but alas there is a small glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  so keep hope  for soon like pregnat teenagers the season will be here.

to start things off  most recently we had some remarks from our owner making news. ya ya  i know like that is really news huh.  but anyhow it really turned a stirr on this site.  most for and some against.   all i can say is stay calm. once the season starts things like this will not even  matter for there will be so much more important things to talk about.


next  we have brandon marshall finally picking his number.  thank god we can put that to rest.  my only comment on that is i really hope brandon that is not a sign of things to come.  dont be that  hum-holi about  cacthing balls and making yards.  please and thank you.


and lastly  i have seen a few post about over and under rated players.  hehe just goes to show what we will talk about when there is very little real news.  the way i see it. what a player does is what he does regardless.  trying to figure out what he may or may not do is pointless since no one can predict the future. and if any of you can please tell me next weeks lottery numbers.

side note:  i have saw some haten on  ole #13.  honestly rather you like him or not or base his whole career on a ring or not. keep this in mind when most talks are brought up about the QB'S which name is brought up most??? humm yes you know that answer.  ring or not he is who is most used when comparing greatness.

this also brings me to JT.  *smiles* my how fickle some fans can be.  fellas jt gave us alot of good years here  at miami. yes it sucks he is playing for our hated rival. but really  he was  one of the few bright spots we had on our team for alot of bad seasons.  so now he plays for another team. last i saw this is very very common. players switch teams all the time.  and for a wide  range of reasons.  so i ask you please dont hate on jt just because he no longer plays for us.  for what he did here i think he deserves our respect and well wishes for his time left in the nfl.

in a nonfootball related note:  i happened into the the ckc this evening.  and let me tell you the talk on weed was something that struck me very funny.  if there is one thing i know  about...that is weed.  been smoking it since i was 12  and it has been well over 30 years.  so i would like to add my two cents to that convo for the ones talking about it.

fact:  proven not addicting physically.  your brain may think you are but in truth your not. unlike ciggs and booze. Doctors also support this.

i know this to be true from my track record. for when my source is out i may have to go as long as two weeks without it  and i am fine. wish i had it yes but i can live without it.  my wife on the other hand if she dont have a ciggerette after a day she is ready to murder someone.

Fact: weed will not kill you if you smoke to much NOR give you cancer.  again proven by doctors. infact they have shown that it is helpful for folks who already have cancer. it helps with eating.. we all know the munchies right ;op. it also reduces swelling and  the pain caused from such swelling. dont believe me?? look it up. 

now you can smoke  one J or  one hundred J'S and you wont OD on it. it wil only get you so high. unlike booze. drink to much and you will poision your fool self.

Fact: making weed legal will help out this econamy *sp. they have already proven that in a place called amsterdam. again look it up.  they made it legal there crime dropped 50% freed up jail space as well.  no reason to put folks in the slammer for posesion anymore.  and unlike some folks had said. with out a demand the suppliers *meaning dealers* went out of business in favor of small smoking shops opening up.  again why go to a shady dealer when you can go to the nearest 7 elven and get it. and trust me most smokers would rather buy it there  to get more for your dollar then off a dealer.

Fact: 98% of weed dealers or NON voleint. stop buying from them and they will not come and murder your family.  i know tons of sellers and they dont give to crap if you buy or not.  dont confuse gang violence with weed violance they are NOT the same. in fact  again if you look it up  weed  kills  MAYBE a handful of people every couple of years. and that is not because of the weed itself but because of poor choices made because of it.   unlike how maybe folks are killed due to drinking. which is in the hundreds every few days.  shoot i was almost one of them.

now dont get me wrong. i am in NO  and i mean NO  way indorcing smoking weed.  i think that is a personall choice only you can make.  i only posted this because weed already gets a bum rap based on lies and misinformation.

once last thing to leave you with. i know my spelling sucks..please bare with it. i am working on imporving it.  now you know why i wont write a book ;op


as my great grand pappy use to say: being stupid is a choice.  most folks are to stupid to know that.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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