Fishing for News


Now the doldrums are in full effect, but look at it this way, only 3 more weeks until the next minicamp! and only 2 weeks until OTAs start! Yes, we are that desperate for football, but can you blame us?

 One quick note: There will be no mention of the Jeff Ireland incident as that horse has been beaten to death and brought back to life only to be beaten some more.

* Since Matty already added the Fins Twitter List to the front page I think that looking for player tweets and posting them would be kind of redundant so no more "Fishing for Tweets". 


Mini Camp Reports.

- Mini Camp Highlights.

- Sparano's Mini Camp Thoughts.

- The latest Fins TV episode.

- Wow, Poor McCoy...

- Richie Incognito is a deep guy, now lets hope he doesnt kill anyone. 



- The Dolphins continue their youth movement.

- Potential AFCE ROTYs.

- Tim Graham's 5 Cinco de Mayo thoughts.

- A Look at the AFCE's "post draft voids".

- The Dolphins had the second best offseason, according to John Clayton.

- Breaking down the ages of the AFCE teams.


Miami Herald

- Tony Sparano PC Transcript.

- Saturday MiniCamp Notes.

- The Dolphins reunite the ""Dread-Heads".

- Reshad Jones has alot of confidence.

- Koa Misi has no identity crisis.

- The Randy Starks switch is a bit of a gamble.

- We still have lingering concerns at FS.

- Edds expects to be a sucessful LB, as do I.

- Sparano's thoughts as Minicamp Closes.

- The Dolphins could have found their new return man.

- The sad tale of Smiley's shoulder.

- No Fins RBs in the Top 10 and Benson is not better than Ronnie or Ricky.

- Salguero's Mailbag.

- Dont Expect Adalius Thomas to be a Fin anytime soon.

- Ahh the importance of context.

- Juice wins $11 Million in a lawsuit, congrats to him. OJ  is one of my favorite Fins.



- John Jerry looks like a natural after a position switch.

- Omar Kelly's thoughts from day 1 of Rookie Camp.

- Will a conversion o the 3-4 slow down some rookies?

- Our latest CFL signings ope to make an impact with the Dolphins.

Channing Crowder isnt worried with all these LBs around.

- The vision for our rookie class. 

- Jones takes aim at starting Safety job.

- Expectations for Dolphins rookies.

- Well good luck with that Cincy.

- Q and A with Mike Berardino. 


Palm Beach Post

- Adalius Thomas could still be an intriguing option. 

- Reshad Jones is grateful for the opportunity he has been given.

- The Dolphins hope they can get the most out of Oghobasse.

- Jerry could be a huge addition for the OL.

- Sparano defends the team's Tight Ends.

- Get it? Hardy har har. 

- Ronnie Brown's status is a mystery until the May 18th OTA.  

- Dolphins expect rookies to make a huge impact on D.

- The Dolphins must figure out what the plan s for Pat White.

- Sparano enjoys the learning experience that is rookie camp.

- Soliai knows that its now or never for himself. 


Around the Interwebs

- The NFLTA Crew grades the AFCE Drafts.

- An offseason recap or the Dolphins.

- Peter King talks about Koa Misi.

- Pat White says he plans on bulking up. Whats the Over/Under on him cracking 200 pounds?

- Now I dont think 33 AFCE teams ill make the playoffs, but I think that we can.

- We can only hope that he'll be up there.

- David lee Breaks down a WildCat play.

- This guy has plenty of FFins videosto check out.

- A Breakdown of OL roles. 

- Breaking down he Wildcat.

- A compliation of the great analysis done by the guys at MHR.

- Football Outsiders Draft Report Card.

- Miami Dolphins that are worth a Fantasy draft pick.

- Will the Dolphins use the Wild Cat?

- Its not Fins related but its a great piece about Rapistberger.

- Miami Dolphins Team Report for May 7.

- This should ives us an advantage when we play the Vikes, now for the old man to retire.

- Better know Tim Dobbins.

- A Miami Dolphins Draft Review.


What are Fans saying?

- Breaking down our Draft Class.

- Another Draft Recap.

- What's in a number nyway?

- A position by position breakdown of the AFCE: Part 1.

- Part 2 of that same breakdown.

- Moving on from the draft.

- A look at some of the Fins try-out players.

- Oh look, another draft breakdown.

- 10 Questions bout the Fins and the depth chart.

- Its never too soon or a 2011 Mock Draft.

- The state of the (Spring) Union.

- I like this take on the Henne/Sanchez debate: Henne can cook a mean steak and thats what its all about.

- Speaking of QBs...


Fins Cheerleaders

* Why I hadnt thought of this before is beyond me, our cheerleaders are pretty damn hot. So I decided to post a few pictures of a few of them. From now on, every time I post a FFN post I'll throw in some cheerleader pics.




 -  You can see more of Lilly here.

- Ariana:



 - More pics here.

That should do it for this week's FFN, as the offseason winds down I dont know how much more of these I'll be able to do but I'll keep trying. Anyway have a nice weekend everyone, and dont do anything I wouldnt do.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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