Starting FS Part 1

As many of you Dolfin fans know we have an unquestionable problem at FS: Who is it?  Who will rise up and become that ballhawk FS we so desperatly need. For starters let me name the players who will try to fufill that request:

Chris Clemons, Clemson, 2nd year as a pro

Reshad Jones, Georgia, 1st year as a pro

Tyrone Culver, Fresno State, 4th year as a pro

Out of those three players, Tyrone Culver seems to be the leader in terms of experience, but not so fast, Experience is vaulable but to be a successful FS now a days you need way more than just experience. In the NFL today QB's and WR's are getting their way more often and having an experienced but slow or dumb FS is not going to help your secondary (Not talking about Tyrone Culver). So to help decide who will be our starting FS by september 13th, im going to do some Analyizing.

First off with Tyrone Culver, Let's begin:

Tyrone Culver, FS, Miami Dolphins


Tyrone Culver is one of the Dolphins, to me, most under appreciated players. He can not only play FS but also SS something that is vaulable thanks to injuries to players. Tyrone Culver is one of those players you can trust to come in and do his best at the postion you tell him to do, but his best may not be the best. He is an experienced player  and a intelligent person of the game, but his speed could be a problem.

What i saw:

  • Although he was almost always near the ball he rarely made a special play.
  • Had problems in run support.
  • Could not shed blockers well.
  • Not enough ball hawking skills.
  • An improvment over Gilbril Wilson
  • Slow at times 
  • Late to the ball on some occasions

Postion in 2010:  Backup/ Special Teams

He does not have the neccassary speed or skills (Ball hawking) to be a successful FS in the league. He could very well be a vaulable backup though. He can also play special teams something this FO loves which should leave Tyrone Culver on the roster.


Hope you enjoyed it catch the next installment next week.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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