Karlos Dansby,Will Allen, and more...

So I already posted something about what we have back and what we got on offense, so I decided to write about our defense. So here it goes.

I think Karlos Dansby will make such a substantial difference for our defense. If not only for the pure fact that he is a beast against the run but the fact that he can rush the passer on passing downs and has had experience on the inside and out. He brings over from Arizona a leadership quality that is completely missing from our linebacker line up.

HE IS A TACKLING MACHINE, and has amazing vision from the ILB position. Something that Channing Crowder has had problems with. I really cannot wait to see what Mike Nolan does with him. 

I think last year the lack of turnovers in our favor was the main reason we couldn't close out games, that and our sub-par passing game. I think that Dansby brings at least some HOPE for a turnover or disruption in the passing game. 

That also leads me to my next favorite person that we re add to our D. Will Allen. He had 2 INT's before he got injured last year in 6 games. I think if he isn't the #1 this year that he will at least be cycled in on WR's that he covers well and that we will have 3 CB's that can cover man to man very well. I just don't see Allen playing the slot so it's kind of weird to think about who is going to start and who isn't, but the fact that we have that many options at CB is very nice. Plus the fact that Allen and Davis can get turnovers for us and that Vontae Davis can cover arguably our biggest problem WR in our division Randy Moss is amazing. I think we can do what we do with most of our positions now cycle them around and keep'em fresh throughout the whole game.

Last but not least... the D-line as a whole. I think the move from DE to NT is a big chance move for Randy Starks. I believe that Nolan can make the most of Starks being able to rush the QB on 3rd a longs from the NT/DT positon. It's a big move and could pay off if he is both, able to plug up the middle of the line and rush the passer. I also think that Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling will improve this year and that the competition between them and Jared Odrick will be healthy for the growth of our line. Langford and Merling had 5 sacks combined which is pretty decent, not great but not bad for 3-4 DE who are supposed to open holes and hold blocks for the OLB and other LB's.

The new depth we have on our Defense, though it may be relatively young not fully tapped talent is something to be happy about. We drafted good characters and good players, exactly what we need for years to come just think what our D-line can with 3 decent pass rushers up front and taking the pressure off of Crowder in pass support and letting him do what he can do best (not amazing, but best) and have him hit people in the mouth. Getting more pressure from our front seven this year isn't a far off thought, it is completely and utterly probable. Most people first thought the loss of Jferg was a huge blow(which it is and was) but i see it as an opportunity to get better at the position and be able to pressure with the front 3 EVERY down. 

Sorry for dragging on so long but one more thing to consider is. We can still acquire Oshiomogho Atogwe if the FO really wants to as another vet in the secondary and another turnover provider for the D, but if not oh well. Our defense will still be more solid than last year and i think that this regime knows what it's doing. We have gotten tremendously younger on offense and defense and these players are already starting to produce and being a large part of the game so things are looking up in Miami... WAY WAY UP.


Typo has been changed... 

to blocks not blacks =]

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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