Animal's Den Volume1

well now  all my reading is done.  and my eyes have nearly fell out.  i am going to try to sum up  what i think.


well what do ya know  last season didnt turn out quite like we had hoped as far as wins and losses go and no repeat to the playoffs.  but i think for most of us it wasnt unexpected either. 

on the other hand i think we all agree that we  are watching  a team that is growing in the right direction at last.  and what a joy it is to see regardless of the  win and loss record.

at long last are we finally over the in and out lieing to your face head coachs. it is like a breath of fresh air to hear  tony talk and to be able to really take what he says to the bank.  i believe he will be one of the greats and when i am 90  and look more like a prune  then a person we will  have him rank right up there with shula and dan. i just feel it down deep in my soul  lol course i  have been wrong before.

 yep had to take my soul out and smack it around a little when it thought  ole nicky boy was gonna  be the answer to our turn around.. boy was it wrong then. either that or i just had really bad gas that day.

but i got to say if tony has done one thing right for me,, that is he has given me hope that we will once more be the elite team we once was.


now is it  sooo refreshing to see draft picks that actually help our team.  again hats off to the FO for doing a bang up job.


once more JT is no longer a fin. *sigh* as much as i respected him i am really feeling his heart is not really into  the game any longer.  he is not playing for the love of the sport but for the pay check.


which brings me to one of my biggest grips with the nfl players today.. what the HELL ever happend to loyalty?? being proud to be on a team regardless of the dollars.  these guys make millons and they still  want more.

i remember when i only made 12k a year and supported a family of five  off it.  ya know if i could play for the fins i would do it for free and i would die a fin.  so for me putting the dollar above your pride is truely a sad day .


welp fellers  come pull out a rocker on the porch pop open a icey cold one and pass the bowl..

looking SO forward to next season  to see if all our hopes and dreams take another step closer to the big game.

this is a GREAT time to be a fins fan.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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