1972 Dolphins - 2010 Dolphins comparisions

Now i'm not saying the 2010 Dolphins are going to go undefeated, but i will say, barring alot of key injuries i expect them to have a great year and win at least the Division. So here are some of the similarties that i've come up with.

Offense -

QB situation - 72 Dolphins had a relatively young QB at the helm with Bob Griese and a savvy vet with Earl Morrall(CPOY)), the 2010 Dolphins have Henne and Pennington(CPOY) as the backup. I think we are in very good shape if Pennington has to come in for any injury related reason.

WR situation - the 72 Dolphins had a stud in Paul Warfield with servicable others like Briscoe and Twilley. The 2010 Dolphins have their stud in Marshall with Bess and Hartline providing good targets for the Robot.

TE situation - The 72 Dolphins had Jim Mandich and Marv Fleming, steady TEs, the 2010 Dolphins have their steady TEs in Fasano and Haynos/Sperry

OL situation - I think this was the heart of the 72 team, great players in Langer, Little, Kuchenberg, Moore and Norm Evans. Could the 2010 team be just as good?  I think they can if they stay healthy.

RBs - The 72 Dolphins had 2 star runningbacks in Csonka and Morris and the 3rd down back of Kiick. The 2010 running trio include Brown, Williams and Cobbs. We aren't lacking in this area in my opinion

Punter/Kicker - Larry Seiple and Garo - Fields and DC$$, hopefully DC$$ wont be passing the ball anytime soon.


Defense -

Defensive Line - The blue collar Defense of the 72 dolphins with Fernandez, Heinz and Stanfill compared to Stark, Merling, Odrick and Langford. this is the Key to success this upcoming year IMHO.

Linebackers - Nick Buonticonti vs. Dansby in the middle and Swift/Matheson(53) vs Misi/Edds.

CBs - Foley, Mumphord and Johnson vs Davis, Smith and Allen. We actually might be better in this regards in 2010.

Safeties -  we had 2 great safeties back in 72 with Scott and Anderson, hopefully we will find 2 that can fill their shoes in 2010 with Bell, Culver, Clemons and Jones.


What do you think are there similarties between the teams or have i been drinking too much this morning?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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