OLB Chris McCoy, Small School Gem?

                             Middle Tennessee State, lol, what's that a community college, no, it's a university that has produced 14 NFL players that you never heard of, except maybe Marty Carter, who was a starting SS in the league for about 11 years, 4 years Tampa, 4 years Chicago, 2 years + in Atlanta and a partial year in Detroit in 2001, his final season, his career was ended by injury and age, but he started 151 of 161 NFL games.

There was also DB/S James Griffin, backup most of his 7 year career, but the 2 years he was a starter he acquitted himself well, 

                                                                         year age team pos #   G   S  sac int yds TD

1985 24 CIN FS 22 16 11 1.0 7 116


1987 26 DET SS 34 12 12 1.0 6 130 0

Interesting fact about James here, he scored a TD on his first 2 ints, 1 int in each of his first 2 years, 83 and 84, and he took both to the house, in his career he had 19 ints and 3 TDs.

Then of course there's Kelly Holcomb, a QB with some promise who's 7 year career apparently ended in 06.

And what about WR Kendall Newson, who's entire NFL career consists of 2 catches for 55 yards, which he did in 2003 for YOUR Miami Dolphins.

There's also Ray Oldham who stuck around the NFl for about 10 years starting about half of the games he appeared in in the 70s and 80s

I don't want to leave out Kenny Tippens who stuck around the NFL for 7 years in the early 90s.

OK, so maybe you have heard of some of these guys, lol, but this is one of those small schools that isn't really on the NFL radar, exactly the type of school that you can get one of those steals, because nobody trusts this school to deliver.

Now lets talk Chris McCoy, he did what you like from a small school, dominate, he was a force that had to be dealt with, when you watch his highlights you see a very athletic, and instinctive player, who is too much physically for most of his opponents, and has that non stop motor that the FO loves, oh and get this, he wants to be a coach when he's done playing.

He played basketball and ran track in high school, asked his measurables he responded "6'4'' 250, and a 4.61 40 yard dash", he also says that he excels at passrushing, runstopping and dropping into coverage, and that the Dolphins can expect a dominant player, thats what he'll bring, lol, I like this guy, have some fun watching this 7th round pick play football.

He is usually lined up at RE but they do move him over to the other side sometimes, again enjoy!

BTW, watch him knife into the backfield on this first play and drop top ten draft pick CJ Spiller for a loss.

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