Phin Snap: Some Pat Turner love (and some for our other WR's)

Phin Snap: Patrick Turner, Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo, Ted Ginn (WR - Miami)


For some reason I keep coming upon Fanposts talking about how crappy our WR core is and how they don't pass the "eye test" and how they wouldn't even be considered on any other team in the NFL.  It really tends to get annoying especially since that WR core helped us win the AFC East title only 2 seasons ago.


 The main reason for this Phin Snap is to show that there is no way that we are cutting or trading Patrick Turner.  Why?  Because if we do, he will light us up in the future because he will find his way to the Jets where he can play with his ol' buddy Sanchez.  Wouldn't that be fun?  Getting lit up by two players who played incredibly well together in college and take it to the next level?  That alone should be enough incentive to keep the guy around...


I really don't think the Jets need any more ammunition and it also seems ridiculous to post about trading away receivers such as Brian Hartline, Camarillo, Bess, Ginn or Turner for unproven "waiting to be busts" WR in this draft.  There may be a #1 WR in this draft and we may get him or we may miss out but people forget that players are working to get better, so going off last seasons stats and saying they have little to no upside is ridiculous.  Sure we will cut some players, but I imagine it will be the the players we brought in as camp fodder.  Not to mention, if they have any worth, they will end up on our Practice Squad so if we have any injuries and they decide to take the next step they will be available.

A Look at our WR Core:

1.) Bess was lighting defenses up even though they were keying on him with double coverage and yet we should trade him away for a 3rd round draft pick?  How about a 2nd?  Man, that's just flat out dumb talk and your momma should slap you for talking as such.  Such a trade gives me epileptic fits with flashes of Wes Welker wearing number 83 in Aqua and Orange.


2.) Hartline absolutely killed it for a Rookie and I can only imagine what he will put together this year.  How can words even be spoken in regards to trading him for a 5th or 6th round pick in this year's draft.  For what?  What's so good in the 5th or 6th round that we need several picks when we have a guy who has shown he can be a playmaker.  Once he learns a few more veteran moves, the guy will learn the tricks to getting separation.  The chemistry between Henne and Hartline is there and that chemistry should be built upon, not traded away.


3.) Camarillo is absolutely sure-handed and I can think of several times in the last several seasons where we were facing a big 3rd/4th down conversion and I was screaming "THROW IT TO CAMARILLO" and my wish was fulfilled, as was the conversion.  While Camarillo sounds like a great Trade option, I feel like the guy played through an entire season without injury after coming off MAJOR surgery for his knee.  Now that he has the jitters past him, he can play this next season unhindered with a full offseason of getting stronger.


4.) Ginn a WR to loathe at times but sometimes your team makes it's bed and simply needs to lie down in it.  In this case we reached for Ginn but I have to say I noticed how our Offense didn't do as well when he lost his WR duties.  It just seemed like we had to do twice as much work to get that first down and move down the field when he wasn't out there.  While he has had his struggles, he certainly has time to get better and has the speed to keep defenses honest.  That's what we pay for, so let's get over it.


More after the Jump....


5.) Patrick Turner didn't see his fair share of game time last season and even Sparano confessed he didn't do a good enough job developing the kid. I feel this offseason, that won't be the case.  They need to get him out there working with Henne full time and turn him into a situational endzone target until he can mature into a big WR.  It seems like everyone is incredibly impatient with our WR situation when we have guys that could take it to the next level like "Mario Manningham" etc.  Every season, new stars are born so let's collectively pray that our guys take that next level. I was hoping we would pickup Turner in the draft last year, and was glad we were able to get him in the mid rounds and didn't have to reach for him.  So give the guy a little love and let him develop.


Here's a video of Sanchez utilizing OUR WR, Patrick Turner (If we cut him, the Jets will be all over this guy)


Some more Pat Turner loving (Sanchez just put the ball in his court and let him box out the defender):





Let's just take a collective deep breath.  There's no need to sell the farm for that prized goat we need.  I stated a long time ago that we could pickup Brandon Marshall for a 2nd rounder.  The closer we get to the draft, the higher the possibility of that occurring becomes.  Fake complete interest and then "BLAM" it will happen.  If it doesn't, then that means our FO sees the potential of Brandon Marshall in players like Patrick Turner or Dez Bryant if we pick him up.  It seems like the overall potential on our team is astronomical, young strong QB with Vet backup, RB's like Cobbs / Hilliard / Kory Sheets, a solid WR core waiting to bust out (plus a chip on it's shoulder), strong O-line that needs to stay healthy this season, a FB that simply is dominating (The Lousaka Monster), Tight Ends that showed flashes, and now we have an incredible DC in Nolan that can improve our DEFENSE.


Now I feel like I'm rambling but it feels more like my brain is exhaling....I can't wait till April 22!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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