Bill Parcells: Common Misconception Affecting some Perceptions?

There has been a notion associated with Bill Parcells when it comes to Wide Receivers. Throughout his tenure many people believed you couldnt put the word Bill Parcells, first round, and wide receiver in the same sentence. I think theres more to the story


New York Giants (1983-1990):

Parcells was a first time head coach through his tenure with the Giants, but whats even more important is the fact that he operated under a Hall of Fame GM in George Young.

  George Young [Background Information]

  • Spent 18 years with the New York Giants (1979-1997)
  • 5X NFL Executive of the Year( 1984, 1986, 1990, 1993, 1997)
  • 3 Super Bowl wins ( XXV, XXI, V)
  • 2 NFC Championships (1986, 1990), AFC Championship (1970), NFL Championship (1968)   

That should tell you who called the shots  [Hall of Fame GM > 1st Time Head Coach]


New England Patriots (1993-1996)

Parcells and owner Robert Kraft could never get on the same page hence creating  this infamous quote:

"If you're going to cook the meal, they ought to let you shop for the groceries."

I think that should tell you all you need to know


New York Jets (1997-1999)

With the Jets Parcells had a Head Coach/GM role

He inherited the 1996 #1 overall pick Keyshawn Johnson who went to 2 Pro Bowls (98',99') and was voted Pro Bowl MVP (98') so needless to say a #1 receiver was already checked off in his Grocery list. No need to use a first round draft pick on one.

Dallas Cowboys (2003-2006)

Head Coach under GM Jerry Jones

Made a trade with the Packers to bring back a certain lady in his life Terry Glenn. Then he trades Joey Galloway to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for who else but Keyshawn Johnson. Once again he has his #1 receiver and then some so no need to use a first round pick on one.


Miami Dolphins (2008-Present)

Just like with the Jets and Cowboys Parcells had the luxury of having a #1 like keyshawn follow him around which made this report very believable:

On February 5, 2008, CBS4 Miami reported that Bill Parcells reached out to Johnson. Parcells reportedly told him if he was to come out of retirement there would be a spot on the Miami Dolphins roster for him.

Parcells hasnt literally "called his own shots" until he took over the jets in which the wide receiver position(particularly the #1 role) was already addressed therefore there was no need to use a first round pick on a a wide receiver.

and the fact that they are doing their due diligence on Dez Bryant should tell you they are looking at all possible options come draft day.

Unlike his tenures with the Jets and Cowboys the Dolphins do not have a viable #1 option that will carry a passing attack, and though it may seem as if its not in his history... well his history didnt lack a #1

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