Our WR's And a Couple potential late round gems

For some reason people under estimates our receiving core. Our team did a nice job putting points up keeping us in games. The WR's didn't have many TD's, but they moved the ball down the field. Chad Henne had 3, three hundred yard games. Camarillo hands are worth their weight in gold. Maybe his butt to. Bess is going to be the best slot receiver this year. Ginn is good at stretching the field. Hopefully, Henne and Ginn can get on the same page this training season with the deep passes. He wont catch them all but that's ok. Just don't throw him a  potential game winning pass.  Hartline showed us that he is going to have a bright future. So all we really need is a tall strong guy with great hands once we get inside the 15. Now to the good stuff.

Terrell Hudgins - I've mention this guy before. Anyways if you missed it. He was second in the 2009 Walter Payton  awards. Projected late round pick- undrafted. Like Bess he did everything right in college career and is getting no love on draft boards. He beat Jerry Rice FCS receiving records which stood for 25 years. He had 123 catches 1633 yards 16 TD's in 2009. 

He's big and plays big. Not like Turner who is big but plays like Ginn. pros good route runner and hands, cons speed

Hight 6-2 Weight 229.


I would be super excited to hear. With the ____ pick Miami chooses Scott Long

Scott Long -  He was projected to be a late round-undrafted pick. But, his combine numbers will have teams salivating to snag him, which leads me to beleive he will go as high as the 4th. Miami has already held a private workout with him.
- Tied for 7th in the 40 @ 4.46  and is only 0.18 seconds behind the leader  He also weighs more and is bigger than everyone ahead of him.
Height 6'2"
Weight 216
- Tied for most bench reps: 20!
- Highest vertical: 41 1/2
- 4th longest broad jump: 10'03"
- Best 3 cone drill: 6.45
- 2nd best 20 yard shuttle: 4.09
- Best 60 yard shuttle: 11.06
What do these numbers mean? That this guy is a freak! He is Quick (short distances, Wes Welker), Fast (long distances, Ted Ginn) and Strong.

I think this guy could be the steal of the draft. He played in a poor system and was injured a couple times. So he wasn't able to put up good numbers. Scouts said he's a great route runner and has good hands but he was slow. That was probably true for awhile because of an acl injury, but that clearly isn't a problem anymore. I'm sure we will somehow end up with a 5th round pick on draft day. I would take him with our 5th if we do get one. I would even consider our 4th round pick. He is the complete pacakage when lookin at a WR prospect.

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