Are the Dolphins playing Chicken?

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking – Rolling Stones

We can all see the Vets getting released today as the hours pass.  It's clear Smiley is one of the three that the FO is targeting in order to get to 80.  Once a guy like John Henderson gets released it's time to prepare yourself to get nothing for Smiley.  I for one don't think that will be the case and the Dolphins will continue to play chicken with any teams that might be counting on his release soon.  Maybe it takes a week or so of sticking it out with him but it wouldn't surprise me to see the FO prepared for that.

I'd imagine that salary/skill/age versus quality youth at the position plays a big factor.  Throughout our discussion on this topic last night it seemed two names kept coming up and it's due primarily to their salary.  Jason Allen and Reggie Torbor.  I can make an argument for both in regards to skill, at least compared to unproven players.  Salary and age is a big difference.  They have quality youth at both those positions at low salary so those two moves make sense.

Beyond those two I can't really target someone that doesn't at least have a solid chance of earning their salary this year.  One more would still have to go if they wanted to try to hold Smiley and continue their game of chicken against the team(s) that are unknown to us for sure.

I'm curious to see how Smiley pans out since it seems he likes being here.  He knows he has a high salary and he's been hurt.  The fact that Parcells called the guy and was up front with him should tell you what kind of relationship they have.  Smiley's agent knows what's on the market for him in teams and money.  Vets that get released don't turn around and break the bank so if he likes being here it might work out that way.

If he was treated with respect which is what a phone call from Parcells is then I'd say at this point there's a decent chance he stays.  Now that I think about it maybe they're playing chicken with Smiley's agent and justifying it to Smiley.  Before you know it even less teams will need him or want to pay him making the Dolphins stance stronger.  I'm not sure how long you can keep him away from the facility under that salary since locking out McNair a few years ago in Tennessee didn't work.  Their hand was forced and they had to take a low offer for him.  In our case we'd have to release him I'd imagine.  The difference is Smiley has been quiet and stayed away thus far.

Beyond that I'm just waiting to see who else they decide to move.  I'm curious what stands out with the releases whether it's age, skill or salary.  I for one have prepared myself for at least one disappointing release which to me could only be Smiley.  I don't think we'll see any surprises other than maybe Smiley taking that pay cut.

Hope you enjoyed my music selection, I dare you not to go watch Blow now.

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