Dolphins Addressed Team Needs, Not How We Thought But.........

                                      They did address team needs, we all got caught up in positions but what were the team needs coming off last season, better pass coverage on D, A WR that commands double teams, a better pass rush, interior O and D line, and all of this was addressed this off season.

Keep in mind you can't always get everything you want, especially when there were many areas of need, a quick synopsis on the draft picks, trade and a look at our free agent situation after the jump.

                                      The draft took many of us by surprise but we lacked the depth of what they were thinking, but it is revealed in the light of day, they attacked our needs, just not how we'd imagined.

Jared Odrick is as good a 3-4 DE prospect as you can ask for, and that aint no bull, we grabbed the top prospect in the draft at that position, as we sit here now he has a very real chance of being our best DE at some point, that is his potential, he is also a inside passrusher on clear passing downs.

Need addressed; His presence at DE can improve the passrush of both the D line and OLB, this pick also prompted a possible move for Big Rig to NT, possibly addressing 2 positions and areas of need, with one pick.

Koa Misi was I thought a little bit of a reach, he is a very versatile LB that can play in many different schemes and spots, imo he is a tremendous ILB prospect, and core STer who can do spot duty at OLB, I think he takes Crowders job in a year or two, he may be a SOLB but I don't think so myself, he is a football player though, through and through.

Need addressed; Ireland raved about his coverage ability, he mentioned how good he was in coverage out of the ILB position at the senior bowl, he also has some passrushing ability.

John Jerry is a big strong tough s.o.g. who is a (play FO recording here) versatile player, a RT and RG in college Ireland says he will be tried out at the LG spot, either way people will be pushed and he may surprise, physically imposing player.

Needs addressed; Too many injuries in the interior last year, he is a great pick to fit those concerns.

AJ Edds will be used as a nickel LB, a versatile LB he had 7 ints in college and is a premiere coverage LB, could also spot passrush, a core ST type player.

Need addressed; Covering the intermediate area was a weak point for us, this pick correlates to that.

Nolan Carroll is a hard nosed hard hitting CB with good speed who may make the transition to FS, one of the knocks on him is that he would go after the body instead of the ball, this can be a very good trait in a FS, the "last line of defense" mentality, you get less big plays, but you don't give them up either, just don't allow the big play.

Need addressed; Wether he is used as a safety or nickelback, obviously he may be able to help in the passing D.

Reshad Jones is one of the top SS prospects in the draft, a 3rd round talent with good upside, Ireland said they would try him at FS, nothing concrete, I think he ends up taking over for Bell eventually, awesome value in the 5th.

Need addressed; We struggled against the pass last year, secondary depth is always good.

Chris McCoy is a very interesting 7th round prospect at SOLB, this like the Jones pick I think demonstrates how deep this draft was, this kid has a legit chance to make this team, nfldraftscout excerpt;

Scouting directors and general managers who hadn't seen McCoy before the East-West Shrine Game found out all about his quickness and underrated strength in the Orlando practices. And although he mostly played with his hand down at MTSU, McCoy played enough standing up to convince one of those 3-4 teams that he could make the transition; they may, therefore, be willing use a fifth- or sixth-round pick to acquire his services.

great value in the 7th.

Need addressed; A SOLB prospect.

Travis Ivey is a massive strong player who was slowed by injuries early in college, he started his last 16 games though, if his injuries are behind him he is another guy who could make this team.

Need addressed; A NT prospect.

Tim Dobbins was acquired through the draft and he may not fill any need but he may provide better depth, and may even be tried out at OLB with his low 4.6s speed.

Need addressed; None really, unless he can play some at OLB but he may provide depth.

Brandon Marshall was also acquired through this draft, he may help this team more than any other player, he vaults our offense into the top ten, he helps the QB, RBs and WRs directly, and the O line indirectly, he will make a huge impact in Miami.

Need addressed; WR that commands double teams anyone? lol, our cup runneth over with this move.

Ritchie Incognito is the answer to our unsteady RG situation, a bull strong guy with a mean streak, he wants the chance to succeed and we will give it to him, huge upside.

Need addressed; Our interior O line woes will be greatly suppressed if he keeps his emotions in check.

Karlos Dansby does for our D what Marshall does for our O in many ways, he helps the other ILB, he helps the OLB, the safety and the line, his help spreads across the defense, allows others to play with confidence, he like Marshall will make a huge impact in Miami.

Need addressed; That intermediate coverage bugaboo again, Dansby helps in many areas but he will be key in controling the middle in passing situations.

So we can clearly see how our needs were met even if it is in a much different way than we had anticipated, maybe not all needs, but it was a concerted effort to get better defending the pass on defense, which was our biggest problem last year.

All in all we got a lot better on offense, defense and special teams imo, which is what you want out of an offseason, which by the way isn't over by a long shot, I am very excited about this upcoming season.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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