A closer look at the Jared Odrick selection and who i think we will take on Day 2.

Ok guys, I'll be the first to admit that when Jared Odrick's name was called Iwas surprised and a little disappointed  considering that there were still some very good 3-4 OLB's and one gigantic NT still left on the board. It made no sense in taking yet another 3-4 DE when we already have guys like Randy Starks, Kendall Langford, and Phillip Merling who may not be stars, but they are good players. But I do trust Bill Parcells and I trust that he knows a little more than we do. So after having a night to sleep on it, I decided to do some research and pin point Parcells & Co. reasoning behind the pick. Here's a look at the Senior Bowl where our Dolphins coaching staff represented for the South team and Jared Odrick played for the North team. Seems to me like they have been targeting Odrick to play NT since then:



Look at how Sparano and his offensive coaching staff would send multiple blockers to go up against Jared Odrick. He was able to take on multiple blockers and still put pressure on the QB. This kid uses his hands very well and is highly athletic and strong for his size. At 6'5 308 Ibs, Odrick still has room to gain up to 20 extra pounds of upper body muscle without losing a step. If he were to hit the weight room and add that muscle weight, that would make him a perfect for the nose tackle position. What makes Odrick so intriguing as a NT is that he can not only stuff the run but he can also rush the passer from the inside (which Terrence Cody is unable to do) and shows a nice repertoire of pass rush moves to go along with his excellent hand use to get off the block. He also has great stamina and and will be a 3-down lineman at the next level which may have really separated him from Cody.

My thinking is that had Dan Williams been available, he would have been the pick. But with Williams coming off the board just two picks earlier, the front office turned their attention to the next best NT prospect on their board in Odrick. The F.O. may have felt that with all the rush linebackers still on the board, that one or two may be available to them in round 2 (and from the looks of it now, they might be right). I do know that the Colts, Saints, Vikings, and Jets were also interested in Odrick so that may have also been taken into consideration by Parcells & Co. One thing is for certain, the Dolphins didn't want anything to do with Terrence Cody , otherwise they would have waited till round 2 to fill in there NT position..... 



Ok here's two guys I'm hoping for the Fins to take on Day 2:


Everson Griffen, OLB, USC


Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami


As for FS? Move Sean Smith to Free Safety and draft Javier Arenas in the 4th to play the nickel and return punts. Smith has proven he can can come in from the safety position and cover a WR or TE if need be. Having your 4 best DB's in Smith, Yeremiah Bell, Will Allen, and Vontae Davis on the field at the same time gives us an instant upgrade in the defensive backfield. Smith can be the ballhawk at safety that we have been looking for and with Allen coming back from injury, if he's 100% then look out! And if not , then we can always draft Will Allen's replacement next year.


Here's some Javier Arenas highlights:

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