Why I don't Like Odrick as the pick.......

 I would have taken  OLB Sergio Kindle 6’3" 255  ran a 4.55 40… He would be an instant starter at OLB, and then look to take a NT in round #2.  I predict the TUNA will draft yet another DT (this time a true NT) to double up on the position – which is a huge COP OUT !!!  Why not just take a true NT to start with ?   I would have respected that more than this decision... why take two draft picks to fill one spot ?  No confidence in your drafting ability ???

JARED ODRICK -   6’5"  304

From the NFL COMBINE……"Odrick has a good combination of size and strength. He is more of a run-stopper with power to hold the point but needs to utilize his hands more consistently to separate to the ball. Odrick shows power to collapse the pocket as a pass rusher but again needs to expand his pass rush package with more moves and counters to contribute at the next level. He feels pad pressure well and constricts running lanes effectively. He has some limitations (lateral agility and speed) but plays with a good motor and often wins with effort. Odrick could be considered a versatile prospect as an end in a 3-4 front or tackle in 4-3 schemes. Odrick has upside if he can improve his overall technique at the next level."

I think this pick is a mild mistake – Jared IS a good football player, no doubt about that. 


He projects as a 3-4 DE or a 4-3 DT – anyone remember us running the 4-3 ???  I said many times that I HATE this 3-4, because it’s so difficult to find a great NT – which you really need to run a dominant 3-4.  BIG, "space eating" NT’s are in short supply in case you haven’t noticed.   At 304 he is not going to be a dominant NT – simply too small to take on and stuff a DOUBLE TEAM on the early run downs.  After bringing in Mike Nolan to run a 3-4 – is there much chance we would switch defenses ??? I WISH – BUT DOUBT IT. 

Can he put on weight – possibly but if that’s what you wanted,  why not just take Terrance Cody ?

Our TOP 3 needs coming into the draft: OLB – NT – S, I think everyone agrees to that… So is he going to beat out Randy Starks and Kendall Langford   ?  Doubt it…what about Phillip Merling ?  Who is just a rotational player anyway, maybe he beats him out – but that’s little consolation.   We really need (as I have said before) to TRADE MERLING – If he is so good (drafted at #33 top rd. 2)  why are we drafting a similar player ? 

In a 4-3 Odrick is pretty useful and probably starts – but we are committed to the 3-4 it seems.    So why didn’t we draft personnel to fit the scheme ?  someone explain it to me……….We can’t wait 2-3 years to see if he can be an effective NT by adding weight.

We now have a log jam at DL – and no true starter at OLB… Sergio kindle is still there and should be the pick – but I doubt he lasts until our pick at #40 in round two… then what do we do ? 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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