Final No-Trade 7 Round Mock Draft

Let me start by saying I am praying to God that Parcells can pull off a trade down for an early second rounder so we can draft a NT for the future/first half of the season. This mock however, will deal with the best case scenario for us if there is no trade movement of our picks. This draft would adress our needs nicely while working within our means but I would still like to see us trade down. Soon we'll all get to see what Parcells has up his sleeve.


Round 1 - #12: Miami Takes Earl Thomas. (Alternate: Derrick Morgan if he is there)


If we cannot trade down, there are only two guys worth drafting at #12. One is not likely to be there in Derrick Morgan and the other is Thomas. We desperately need to add some pass rushing but it just isn't available here without reaching so we take care of the FS issue and see who wins the job over the summer.

Round 3 - #73: Miami Takes Torrell Troup (NT-UCF) Alternate: Ricky Sapp (OLB-Clemson) if Troup, Cam Thomas, and Linval joseph are gone as expected 


This is our last shot at a big potential NT and without a pick in round 2 this pick has to be Troup if he is. still there. If Troup is gone we go OLB most likely Ricky Sapp (Clemson) but Thaddeus Gibson (Ohio State) is also an option.

Round 4 - #111: Miami Takes Thaddeus Gibson (OLB-Ohio State) Alternate: Eric Norwood (OLB-South Carolina)


We don't have any holes bigger than OLB and unless the Trifecta elects to draft a second FS in Robert Johnson (Utah) then there really isn't much better that can be expected to be here that fits our needs. They could try a WR or RB but OLB is just too big a need especially with JT gone.

Round 5 - #145: Miami Takes Brandon Carter (OG/C-Texas Tech) Alternate: James Starks (RB-U of Buffalo)


Miami now gets to go shopping and address depth an double down on earlier picks. If James Starks is here he should be the pick but he will likely go before we get to him so we move on to putting some extra depth on the O-Line. We really need a OT more than a guard but at 6-6, 319 Carter could do emergency duty on the outside if needed. He also can take over at Center if/when Jake Grove gets hurt. Depth is a big factor in success and versatility is a golden asset when it comes to depth at any position.

Round 6 - #176: Miami Takes Andrew Tyshovnystky (OT-Fordham) Alternate: Kyle Jolly (OT-UNC)


Back to back choices here. Nice luxury wish it was in an earlier round but thems the breaks. I will put down an upgrade over Vernon Carey to solidify our O-line flanks for the next couple of years here. Sorry coudn't find a better picture. We have found our next O-linemen for the ages in Jake Long but a balancing act with a top flight guy on the other side would be huge for Henne's confidence (as if Brandon Marshall wasn't enough) and make us a truly SCARY passing team. i'll list Jolly as an alternate but we should be able to land Andrew T-something, something, something here.

Round 6 - #177: Miami Takes Brandon Sharpe (OLB-Texas Tech) Alternate: Andre Dixon (RB-UConn)


Let's just change the uni's and picture Tom Brady as the man in white (Family Guy reference alert). Feels good don't it?

This will be a potentially great pick regardless of which guy we get but I think Parcells will take defense over offense especially given that Texas Tech is a larger program and faces stiffer competition. Both are good choices but this gives us 2-3 OLBs so we should be pretty safe that at least one of them will be ready to start opposit Cam Wake. I also love Scott Long here and wouldn't be stunned to see NE take him on day three but we don't need anymore WRs so we won't be taking him.

Round 6 - #182: Miami Takes Clay Harbor (TE-Missouri State) Alternate: Andre Dixon (RB-UConn)

12-18_harbor_mediumIn 3 yearsClay Averaged 48 catches and 611 yards with around 4 TDs

Well, we need a pass catching TE and this guy has almost as much upside as jimmy Graham plus he has more experience. As I said in another post, he is tied for first or second (after eliminating Dorin 230 pound TE Dickerson) in the 40 time (4.58), bench press (30 times), and vertical (40"). He is 6-3 (leverage blocker), 252 and can block and can catch reliably. If he is gone or the Trifecta feel they don't need to upgrade the TE then Andre Dixon is a clear favorite at this pick.

Round 7 - #212: Miami Takes Shelly Smith (OG-Colorado State) Alternate: Dominique Harris, (S-Temple)


He didn't surrender a sack or get whistled for a single penalty all year (2009) (Damn impressive no matter where you play). What's not to love about a guy available in round 7 that had a better performance over the course of a season than Iupati had just in the senior bowl? Andre Dixon is probably gone by this point but if he is still available here then he is probably the pick.

Round 7 - #219: Miami Takes Micah Johnson (ILB-Kentucky) Alternate: Travis Goethel (ILB-Arizona State)

Fbcjohnson080508-778772_medium Who wants a hug?

Ironically, the only two guys to survive from my first mock back in January are the two last guys on the board. Granted I had Micah going to us in round 4 back then but he didn't show he is fully recovered from his end of the year injury and his stock (as expected) has plummeted. He is likely still around here and at the worst will be a younger version of Crowder and at best will be the next great ILB for Miami (Potentially even better than Dansby-Longshot but still plausible enought to be mentioned). Some team is going to take a chance on Johnson and they will get a superstar, or waste a draft pick that few care about. Sounds like the reward is worth the risk to me.

Round 7 - #: Miami Takes Kade Weston (DT-Georgia) Alternate: Jameson Konz (TE/OLB/FB/WR-Kent State)


Kade Weston  is the NT double down that I have been calling since back in January and will be the best option here. Konz may go undrafted and would be a good pickup because of hs versatility. There's a possibity he could even play Safety with his past as a WR and a OLB. If we don't draft Konz we should still sign him and see where he can fit most effectively.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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