I'm Talking Super Bowl!yes

A diagnosis of our rather successful offseason leads us with a few needs.  The needs listed may not all be addressed this offseason and may not even be considered a major need.


WR-With the loss of Tedd Ginn, the Dolphins lost a solid return man and a decent #2 receiver.  The dolphins should attempt to add a threat opposite Brandon Marshall.

TE-A receiving tight end would absolutely help Henne and Miami's balanced offense.

OL-Interior line depth should be addressed in the later rounds.

RB-Ronnie and Ricky are solid.  However, Ronnie has struggled to stay healthy.  Ricky's future is shaky at best.  A explosive back ala CJ spiller, Dexter McCluster, or Montario Hardesty I feel would be good picks.  Knowing Parcells and company, I don't see them investing a high pick on a running back.

KR:Again, Ginn's loss is big in the special teams game.  A explosive returner such as LeRoy Vann would help us forget about Teddy.  LeRoy can maybe be had in the 6th round.


OLB: We all know Miami needs a rush linebacker or two.  In a deep draft, I hope Miami capitalizes on some stud backers.

NT:Quite possibly the biggest need in our defense.  I think any DT is a reach at pick 12, Miami would benefit from trading down and picking up a NT in round 2 or 3.

FS: Im still hopeful for a stopgap safety like Ken Hamlin or Darren Sharper.  If not, Miami must try to upgrade through the draft.

CB: A Parcells type corner would make our defense stronger and add value to our special teams unit.

MLB:Another Linebacker wouldn't hurt.  Even though we have Dansby and Crowder-who I am not so sold on.

Mock Draft:

*Assuming Miami trades down to Dallas and their 25th pick and 2nd rd pick as well.

1-Jerry Hughes -OLB-TCU. 6'2/255

2-Chris Cook-CB-Virginia. 6'2/212

3-Cam Thomas-DT-UNC. 6'4/330

4.-Kam Chancellor-FS-Virginia Tech. 6'3/231

5.-Mike Williams-WR-Syracuse. 6'2/221

6.-Lagerret Blount-RB-Oregon

6-Ciron Black-OG-LSU. 6'5/327

6.-Lavell Carter-OLB-Clemson. 

7.LeRoy Vann.KR/CB-Florida A&M. 5'9/178

7-Micah Johnson-MLB-Kentucky. 6'2/258

I did my research from a number of sights, some of the picks may be hopeful that the player is still on the board. Nevertheless, these players fit "our" players. Check out some highlights on youtube and I am sure you will enjoy what you see.   I am still in for draft day trades.  Get rid or Smiley and Thygpin-there is just no room on our roster and no better time to maximize his value.  With Ernie Simms getting traded for a 5th, who is a quality player.  I would be interested on a similar player like Adallius Thomas or Osi Uiemenyora of veteran free agents like Jason Taylor.  I would love a trade for a TE like Greg Olsen from Chicago for a mid-round pick.


And that would make our Miami Dolphins a potential Super Bowl team.  That's right-when I say Miami, I'm talking Super Bowl!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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