Why the lack of love for Ronnie??

I am so excited to see our offense take the field. We will be more dynamic and electric than we have since #13 was breaking the hearts of the Jests fans as well as the New England chowderHeads. In fact, I believe we will be even more prolific than ever with our young strong armed QB, the most explosive WR in team history, plus our already established running game. Even in our Dan era, I do not recall the potential to have such a balanced AND potentially explosive offense.

What I am having a hard time understanding is why our FO is so eager to move on from Ronnie B. The guy plays hard and with heart. He is has been extremely productive in both the conventional running game as well as the key component to a successful Wildcat. Ronnie was well on his way to career year and probowl nod when he was got hurt. Many people feel would would have made the playoffs if he had not gone down.

I realize that ronnie is coming off a serious injury, but  from all accounts his rehab is going very well. This is evidenced by Ricky's claim that Ronnie blew him away in a sprint just a few days ago. Despite is recent DWI hiccup RB has been a amoung our hardest working players and a very positive lockerroom presence.  

So whats the reason for the hard sell. Much like our JT stance, I am confused. I do not view us a being 3 years away from contention. I feel we are there right now, or at least in 2012.

There is no way we can expect Ricky to handle this load on his own. At Ricky's age and running style there is no way he carries 20 per game and does not go down. Cobbs is loved by our front office but his injury is at least as serious as Ronnie's. I can understand maybe if we could get a 1st round pick and draft a younger runner but that is not the case. Ronnie is still only 28 and has still been peaking more each year. It appears like our FO would take a 3rd or even 4th rounder for him. WHY??? I don't get it.

Is it is $5million contract?----who cares. no cap and we can contend this year! Next year his contract is up.

Is it the fact that it is his contract year and they want value back before he walks?>> That  makes no sense because we are not going to get reasonable value back unless someone signs him to an extension. That wont happens until he proves his health on the field.  Plus if Ronnie walks AFTER the year is up don't we get lattitude to sign someone else or mor eflexibility to sign another FA and/or compensatory picks back in return?

So please someone shed the light on this  lack of love for Ronnie? Unless he banged Sparano or Tuna's daughter, I do not understand way our TriBoys are so quick to turn on our players that have been proven warriors.        
Keep Ronnie....and JT... and while your at it, poop or get off the pottty with Smiley.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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