Soliai played the run well?? UPDATED

     So I finally got tired of people saying how well Soliai played while Jason Ferguson was out.  I decided to watch some highlights and see if I could figure out what they were talking about.  He was actually much worse than I thought.  Here is your starting NT next year... No special research really... just went and looked at the highlights of whatever running back we played... Funny they all seem to showcase our new starting NT....

Paul Soliai Lowlights Week 11 vs. Buffalo

Does someone want to count how many of our players he shuts off from being able to make the play on this one?  Seriously, how many guys does he get shoved into??

Paul Soliai Lowlights Week 13 vs. Jacksonville

Pay close attention to our starting NT playing next to our backup NT.  Watch as Jones-Drew runs right past them both.  I think I saw Soliai try tackle him once he got pushed back in the endzone though.... Nothing like a guy that can make a GOAL LINE stand!!

Paul Soliai makes a stop!! Week 14 vs, Patriots

Well sorta... Its more like a fumbled handoff and he doesn't get pushed back too far and the rest of the defense is there to shut if down.  Points for falling in the right direction though.

Paul Soliai Lowlights Week 15

Pay close attention as he is repeatedly sealed off by one blocker, sometimes they don't even bother to block the guy.  Instead, the offensive line just gets to the second level to seal off our LBs.  But he can't be responsible for every single running play can he?  Watch the second play in the Chris Johnson highlights as he shoves Joey Porter (who is actually in position to make a tackle for once) to the ground.  Nice job!!  I can't blame him for the screen play though, because he isn't on the field, but pay close attention.  Soliai is the long haired NT with short sleeves.  The long haired guy with long white sleeves is his backup Tony McDaniel.  In my opinion neither one of them is even an option to play NT for us on a rushing down.  These are not on YouTube so you will just have to follow the links ....


Added a new highlight from the Saints game...

Guess who runs by Brees unblocked?

Paul Soliai

Guess who Brees jumps over for this TD?

Wow.. again Paul Soliai... do they really put him on goal line ... still?


Also added a few Jason Ferguson Highlights....

Jason Ferguson highlights

Jason Ferguson did not do too bad, although he wasn't that good either.  I saw him getting pushed into our LBs on a few plays there that went for big gains.  I didn't show some good plays he had.... but feel free to look at the runs during the second Jets game.  He did much better than Soliai though just based on the sheer number of big running plays there were.  I will say that on a few of these it was our DEs getting pushed back into our LBs--not him...

Please do not come and tell me that Soliai was ok last year against the run.  Stop.  I can't take it anymore....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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