Dolphins Offense improved or just maybe?


Today Ted Ginn Jr. was traded to the 49ers. We acquired Brandon Marshall our Alpha Receiver and flat out turned into the Broncos offense by trading Ginn. Do we all know Eddie Royal, a rookie in 2008 who having Marshall opposite of him helped him record 91REC, 980YDS, and 5TD's, also rushing for 109Yds and no TD's.

In the same year of 2008 Ted Ginn (traded to 49ers) amassed 56REC, 790YDS, and 2TD's, also rushing for 73YDS and 2TD's.

During 2009, Eddie Royal didnt get criticized for anything like Ted, who having all the attention of Number 1 cornerbacks on him cause he was the fastest on the field.

Eddie Royal dissappeared last year even with Brandon Marshall on the field with him and new addition quarterback Kyle Orton who still didnt decrease Brandon Marshall's Pro Bowl type stats.

Royal recorded 37REC, for a low 345yards, and no touchdowns, and 2 special team TD's (1 PR, 1 KR). Ted Ginn who didnt have Brandon Marshall with all the attention on him still did better than Royal who had Marshall on his team. Ted caught 38REC for 454YDS and 1 TD and  2 special team TD's (both KR) which came later in the season in which Davone Bess who fumbled in the Chargers game on return and Patrick Cobbs who runs straight and dont shake failed to do two years in a row.

Dont blame the guy for missing the Touchdown in the Colts game, cause he did mostly all the catching, where was Bess who a possession first down guy like Jabar Gaffney and our promise rookie Hartline whos like Brandon Stokley with way less speed didnt go over 100yards like Ginn. And what about the Saints game, anyone would have dropped that pass by Henne which was not a Peyton Manning throw by the way which was intercepted by Sharper because Tracy Porter couldnt catch no better than Ginn, Tracy bobbled the ball like three times (now he sucks). And Ted did make Sharpr fumble lol but the referees wanted them to go undeafeted like the Phins so they act like it didnt happen. And Ted's drop in the Patriots game over the middle on fourth down o my. Anyone who still wants to play and have a future would have dropped it cause Henne's throw was so high and the impact would have made Ted drop it anyway.

So if the Dolphins dont draft Jacoby Ford or any other fast receiver with return and catching talent we will still be mediocre and the Jets will congradulate us for getting rid of TED THE JET DESTROYER!!! we will be like the Broncos last year with a better run game. Brandon the main man and a bunch of possesion guys who cant reach the touchdown, Greg Camarillo might, he's tough and dont drop cross the middle like Hartline in the Bills game.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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