A Historical Look Back at : Dolphin Disapointments



Hey fellas, been awhile.. firgured I'd get back into the swing of things with a nice depressing Post. Enjoy :)

With every great free agent pickup and every brilliant draft maneuver, one can't help but recollect upon the empty promises of a good ole' BUST.  With the signing of Brandon Marshall, I can't help but to worry that he might not pan out, at least not how I expect a $45million player to excel. HOWEVER, when I look back at Miami's free agent signing of season's past, we've actually faired pretty well. Now with the draft looming, I couldn't help but to also stare into the rear-view mirror of past drafts to see all the disapointments laying on the side of the road.

This Post is an attempt to point out MY Top 10 Most Disapointing Acquisitions. Now there may be some guys ala John Avery  and Jamar Fletcher who were a complete flop that didn't make my list but that's only because I didn't have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for them. In all fairness, I also had to discount guys who suffered major injuries like Yatil Green.....I also decided to leave out coaches... your welcome Saban.

Anyhow... here we go !

Dishonorable Mention: Cris Carter, Ted Ginn, Daunte Culpepper, Brian Griese, LJ Shelton, Big Daddy Wilkinson, Most early draft picks from 66-75, John Greisler, Marlin Briscoe.  

#10: Billy Milner and Andrew Greene OL: IN 1995, Shula tried to repeat his success of the 1990 Draft of Webb and Sims by bringing in these two practice dummies. And that's an insult to the 7 man sled. Not only collasal busts, but we really believed in Webb/Sims Part 2. We really did, honestly....

#9:Pete Johnson RB: Many youngsters don't recal Pete Johnson, but he was the rock of the Begals throughout the late 70s eary 80s. Along with William Andrews of the Falcons, they were to Riggins and Campbell to what Tommy Nobis was to Dick Butkus, almost as good but unfortunately forgetable. In fact, Pete was traded to SD in 1984 and after 3 games came to Miami to make them a bonafide SB contender. Pete failed to beat out Woddy Bennett and failed to make any impact while Marino and Co. abandoned the running game all together by season's end.  "Cocaine is one helluva drug", Charlie Murphy 

#8: Jason Allen DB: Ok, so we have been pretty hard on Jason, who continues to stick around and contribute in some way, sort of, I suppose, I guess, kinda...In 2006, like a few busts before him, see #3, he was Miami's "16th pick" of the 1st round. After loosing Surtain, watching Madison age, failing on FAs like Shulters, Tillman, and TeBucky, Allen was a God-sent. "Experts" thought he was a bit of a reach at 16, but when you watch film, he had all the makings of greatness. Keyword =Had.

#7: David Boston WR-  So, I promised not to include injured players... I lied.  Despite being a roided-up knuckle-head, Boston was pretty damn awesome.  He was carrying so much juice in his muscles that his skinny knees just couldn't hold up...had to happen on our roster... damn you!

#6: Lawrence Phillips RB- Just like sticking your pecker in the vacum, getting Phillips from STL seemed like a good idea at the time... Both instances were equally painful.  But we still believed it could have worked...some us still do. BTW what is a  "character issue"...oh, ok, now I git it... right Phillips had character issues...

#5:Cecil Collins ( and Konrad and JJ Johnson) RB: The terrible trio of 1999 panned out to be exactly that. Konrad was decent at a few things, but not very good at any one. Collins was the sleeper and the ace in the hole for Jimmy Johnson. Mind you, we traded out of the 1st round to get these guys :(  Can't blame Jimmy though, b/c these guys were the best RBs availble, Kevin Faulk was the only real miss. As the ace in the hole, COllins just couldn't get out of the hole,,, and was burried alive by season's end. All I remember about JJ Johnson was that he had an unhealthy addiction to Batman,,, Sad...very sad...

#4: Kevin Gogan OG-  Despite his 12yrs in the league, Gogan was coming off two Probowls and his only AllPro honor in1998 when he can to Miami. Despite his age, he was still a beast of a man and helped give us all hope that 1999 would be the perfect swan song for Marino.  With the young "terrible" trio and with guys like Webb, Donnelly, Ruddy, and James Brown, Gogan made our running game one of the best in the league..... on paper. Kevin had a few setbacks any only played 10 games. I'm not so mad at Gogan, cause he played ok, I just associate him with the "dissapointment" and another failed attempt at "establishing the run".

#3: John Bosa and Eric Kumerow LB - Our 1st round pick #16 of 1987 is wasted on John Bosa. Ironically, our 1st Round pick in 1988, was wasted on the 6-7 260 Eric Kumerow . We had all the expectations that both would serve as the dominant anchors to our post killer-B era.  Both Bosa and Kumerow never started a game in 3 years and we as useful as tits on Rex Ryan.

#2: Randall "The Trill" Hill.....WR-  Sadly enough, he wishes he had Ginn's talent.  He was so bad , in 1991 we traded the 1st round draft pick after his 1st GAME ! Then we bring him back to fail again 5 years later... WTF? Sure he was BUST, but he represented a new regime of WRs for Marino and the deep threat we had been missing. FAIL

and finally...

#1: Bobby Humphery RB: In 89 and 90, Bobby tore up the league with DEN, in 91 he held out for 13 games, and fell out of favor with the Bronco brass. He was traded to Miami for all-world Sammie Smith. What a bargain, right? Humphrey lost a close race to Barry Sander for ROY in 89 and went to the Superbowl. He was an Probowler in 1990.... Alas! The running game we have been missing!!! Whatever, Humphrey couldn't get out of his own way and started only 1 game in 1992 failing to beat out the diminutive Mark Higgs for the starting job. He never played again...


Sorry for the bad memories... I just had to balance out my excitement  for B-Marsh and bring myself back to reality.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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