Happy Days

At one time Wannstache had his hands on this team and almost drove me to insanity.  I was in high school at the time and really began to take interest in the makeup of the team and the mechanics of the offseason.  The more I learned, the more I began to despise the man in charge...Wayne.  I felt like he was content with the talent and staff.  He took a leap of faith with Jimmy and now this was what he was left with.

Then you know who came along, sold us a bill of goods and left before any impact could be recognized.  I was at least happy that we were getting back to the style of building through the draft.  Then all progress was lost since a certain someone jumped ship.

Back to blaming Wayne, not for the previous hire because that jerk was well in demand at first.  We were all happy to have him.  You can't blame Wayne for the guy quitting but I will blame him for retaining Mueller and hiring Cam.  That was a lost year.  1-15 did some serious damage to this fan base and the only way we bounced back in 2008 was because of the Tuna.

Happy Days after the jump.

None of us were disappointed with 2008.  It's impossible to look at that season with anything but a smile.

Last year was a little different but they did everything they could to make it happen.  After landing the roughest schedule based on the previous year's performance and getting hit with the injury bug, things didn't work out as planned.

Not as great as 2008 but certainly not disappointing.  Most of us expected a decline in the record before the season started.  Once the injuries started to hit almost all of us expected it.  We ended up bouncing back from a bad start but due to even more injuries late we had a bad ending as well.

It's amazing how the finishing performance can leave a bad taste in some mouths.  I for one just appreciate that we still had a scenario in week 17 where we got into the playoffs.  That's disappointing as an event but not so much as a whole for the season considering everything that went on.  I can honestly say I was happy last season, a bit frustrated but "missed the playoffs" frustrated, not "oh no we suck" frustrated of 2007.

We all know who the FO has missed on in the draft and FA and I don't see anywhere near the amount of misses compared to hits.  They were responsible over the first two years to infuse young talent through the draft and by all appearances they still are.  The only difference is they've now laid the groundwork that calls for feature players on O and D.

Can you believe we added our two best players this offseason without giving up any 1st round picks?

Sure our new WR has us all hoping and praying once the sun goes down at night but hopefully he'll gain our trust.  His talent is the kind that changes games on his own so without the 1st involved I'm prepared for them to be aggressive.  A deal is a deal and two 2nds for a stud that's young is definitely a deal if not a steal.

I've heard some say Dansby wasn't worth the money recently but I beg to differ.  The man is a beast in the middle.  Hhe's proven it in Arizona and the money isn't much higher than it should be.  It's only a matter of time before five more guys get paid at that position making Dansby the 5th highest paid guy.  No picks and not my money so keep digging for a negative.

At the end of the day you take the good and the bad from the men that run this team.  It's hard for me to even think about anything considered bad at this point with the amount of good that we've been surrounded by.

You could say a Parcells team hasn't won a playoff game or a SB in quite some time and you're right.  The problem is you're talking about Parcells coached teams and this isn't that case.  The better comparison is Sean Payton.  His last job was as Parcells OC and Sparano took over after he left.  Payton tried to take Sparano with him when he left and Tuna wouldn't have it.

You can search for the negative but when you have to dig past a ton of good to find it then it's usually not an issue.  Sure, Parcells record in the playoffs and SB aren't that great recently but that's wasn't the concern coming out of 2007.  The concern was instilling a winning atmosphere and getting young with talent.  It was creating a new culture and that my friends is something no one does better than the Tuna.

Happy days are back in South Florida.  Between a freak element on O and a new centerpiece on D as well as a new aggressive game plan we'll being having a great start to the season.  My belief is a lot of success in 2008 came from the unknown and that seems to be what we'll be achieving early in 2010.  Expect teams to learn us as the season progresses so I'm looking forward to the unpredictability in order to keep ahead all season.

These days it's been easy to be happy as long as you're a patient person.  We're in good hands.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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