Are we done or will Saturday be significant? More releases or trades? Dare I say signings?

Over the last two years we've seen this team go out and sign a group of free agents in order to answer holes on the roster.  This year should be much different.

The release of Ayodele, J Pissy and WIlson creates three more roster spots but I don't think that it will create much more action in free agency.  Going into this we only had four players coming off contract.  Pennington is back and I have to assume there is a good chance JT and Ferg return.  Nate Jones signed with the Broncos yesterday.

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Then there is the possibility Wilson or Ayodele return at a lower salary.

These last two years saw us addressing many holes but this year is different.  The roster is mostly set and spots are being opened for incoming draft picks.  Speaking of which don't forget we'll most likely have another coming to us for having more outgoing free agents last year in a compensatory pick.

Looking at the free agents left out there no one really jumps out at me.  You've got your Antonio Bryant type players who the Dolphins seem to ignore early on in hopes of bringing them back down to earth in contract demands. O.J. Atogwe looks interesting and comes without compensation for the Rams.  They'll have the ability to match the offer so without a poison pill we'll be left swinging in the wind for up to seven days.


Hopefully the Dolphins hit the phones today and cook me up a nice trade.  We've got four QBs on the roster now unless they plan on making White a non-QB.  Hard to guess what the plan is here but the one I just mentioned is the only that doesn't require actually choosing.

My best guess is they'll capitalize on the Thigpen buzz and move him to a QB needy team for a late 3rd or early 4th.

White will continue to run at #2 and Pennington will fill the same role as Thigpen last year.

I'm  watching for some action today with Jason Allen.  His salary is high and we honestly still need the roster spot.  Will Allen is in the same boat except his production was higher.  If Will Allen doesn't come on strong in the preseason he could have a problem.  I think that problem just landed on Jason Allen's doorstep.


The guy just started doing okay and it's this staff that turned him around.  Now he's forced with taking a pay cut or maybe ruining his career by going to another staff.  After seeing the team cut Ayodele, Wilson and Porter I'm curious if it's more important for Jason to stay or to go get paid again.  I hope he stays but his salary demands attention.


If any buzz develops for a WR then I'd guess they might be shopping Cam.  I'm not calling for it, hoping or wishing, just speculating.  He's the obvious target on this roster for getting us a good pick in return.  We've got plenty of complementary WRs although I do like what Cam brings to the table.

Watch for anything with Ronnie Brown and Fasano.  I think their lack of offers coupled with their low salaries might prompt one of them(or both) to sign a team friendly deal.  Even if it's just below market that still favors the team.  The Dolphins might have the bargaining power to get something done.  Or maybe I'm completely wrong and they'll end up playing under those tenders.

Should make for an interesting Saturday, don't forget to go out and get your NFL Play 60 today, it's sunny.  If you don't LT and a band of cartoon characters will hunt you down and sing annoying songs at you.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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