Cutting Gibril was a Dumb move... or was it?


As a fan I find myself getting very worked up on what moves the Dolphins do or don’t do, until I take a breath and realize I can not control it or change it in any way.  But it’s a vicious cycle, because I get more worked up wishing I could just go into the Front Office and put my two sense in.  This is part of the reason I went into coaching, so I could control my own team and make my own moves that I wanted to. 


As many casual fans I put together my plan for the Dolphins offseason, and think that is how the Dolphins should do it.  But, being the coach I am I really pick apart everything, hit the game tapes that I can and really try to piece together everything I can; I think this is why I get so worked up when it goes different because all my time and effort is loss.


Its only the first day of Free Agency and already I am pacing back and forth.  I thought the Dolphins should focus all their attention on Dansby and give him what ever he wanted to come to Miami.  And not even touch the Safety postion.


I wanted to bring in Dansby, use the first round pick on the best OLB available (excluding Jason Pierre Paul… bust to be) and the second on the best NT available.  I would have also used the 3rd round pick in a trade for the Boldin. Picks 4-6 would be use for 2 players I absolutely love and think can be great value, Lagerette Blount and Myrone Rolle.  The other picks would be Best Player Available.


Now the Fins threw a wrench into my plan, by releasing Gibril Wilson.  Not getting to much into my thoughts and opinions on Wilson, but I though 2010 would have been much better then 2009.  He would be in his second year with the team, even though there’s a coaching change he’d be familiar with the 3-4 and develop a chemistry with his Defensive unit.  Plus the young corners will be a year improved and he would not have to worry about them, and he could focus on playing just his postion and reacting instead of thinking while on the field. 


I was originally a little upset, because now if a FA safety (Rolle) is not signed the Fins are out a starter and having to basically use their first on a safety. This would push everything back and value could be less, but now I have calmed down and though this out!  The Fins could address the safety in three ways, sign Rolle… draft Earl Thomas or Eric Berry or move Will Allen to FS.  I also have thought and looked back at all of Bill Parcells drafts as a head coach, defensive coordinator and GM, and realized he has found great value at OLB in the second and third round, and Jay Ratliff and Ferguson were both drafted in the seventh round.  Going this route, means the Fins can look at A. Bryant for a FA WR instead of Boldin in a trade. 


So as we stand now, I am not panicking, I see many ways to go with this, but I think it is the most important to get Karlos Dansby then all the pieces can fall. 


I am a little upset because there are reports that the Patriots are the front runners for Boldin, I just don’t want to see him in New England.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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