My Prediction On What's Popping this Offseason

This is just pretty much my guess on what we are going to do this off season if you don't agree well then... Deal with it.

First i think we will sign Karlos Dansby so: Welcome to Miami Karlos Dansby!!!! With all the reports saying that Dansby is on his way to Miami this was the easiest choice to make, not only do we need him but deep down in his heart he knows he needs us as well as who else is going to help him win a Superbowl , eh?





My second Prediction: We finally let go of Porter ( Thanks alot Dawn), Pretty easy prediction here as Porter's been wanting out ever since he found out he sucked: News Flash Porter your like 33 years old you still think you are the best: Shut up.


Were kicking your ass straight out of a Miami!!!

My third Prediction: Someone will use that second round pick for Anthony Fasano. I mean why not he's young and is a very good blocker and when he wants to be a pass catching threat. Someone like the Cardinals, Browns, or even the Titans will use that pick as they all could use a little help int hat department.

I don't think any other Free Agent is coming to Miami unless is someone we never heard of ( Joe Berger) Now onto the draft:





ALERT*** Miami trades the 12th pick in the draft to Baltimore for their 25th pick in the draft***ALERT

Baltimore selects Dez Bryant or Rolando McClain 

With Ray Lewis retiring soon they want an ILB who could learn from him why not McClain, they are also in dire need of a Receiver and Dez Bryant is the best in this draft.

Baltimore gives us their third and their fifth for this pick.

With the 25th pick in the draft the Dolphins select:

Sean Weatherspoon, ILB/OLB/ , Missouri

This of course depends on who they like more between Weatherspoon, Williams, and Graham. Right now Weatherspoon has the advantage for [posting such good numbers at the combine and for having "smooth" interviews. He is also the best Lber in this draft and with some loser team getting sucked into the McClain trap we might get lucky nabbing Weatherspoon.



With the #43 pick in the draft the Dolphins select:

Cam Thomas, NT, North Carolina

They definitely love Cam Thomas and with him having all the determination to play NT for some team we have a good chance of getting him. Another person is Lamarr Houston.


Hahaha look at him chase Pat White 


WE get an extra second from that Anthony Fasano deal so let's just say it was Cardinals:

#58 pick in the draft the Dolphins select:

I would have put Hughes for the number #43 pick in the draft but I think WeatherSpoon will handle that so instead I have us taking Dezmon Briscoe.

Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas



If you seen him play you now dam well he could play and can be anyone's number 1 receiver

Third Round pick:

Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami

We will need a TE to replace Anthony Fasano and he may not be the best TE but he has alt of potential that this is a must have pick.


Baltimore's third round pick:

Lagerrate Blount, RB, Oregon

Powerful Runner that once Ronnie leaves, get's injured, or traded will be our next best back. He has all the tools you look for in a RB and very well could be the steal of the draft in terms of running backs.



Fourth Round pick:

Robert Johnson, FS, Utah

Chris Clemons could be our future SS with Jonson being our Future FS, he is a ball hawking safety for sure and we will have the best secondary in the league if they come out like there supposed to. Sean Smith and Robert Johnson were also teammates and were beast together OMG i just excited myself.



Baltimore's Fifth Round Pick:

Darryl Sharpton, ILB, Miami

He may be 5-11 but he is one of the smartest ILB in this draft and Tony Sparano already comlimented him on being NFL-ready. He would learn alot from Dansby.


The rest is hard to guess so it's all up in the air for that, here are highlights for each Player above:

This highlight is just a little treat for all U Miami fans out there

So this off season is good huh this is my prediction anyways but who knows Bill Parcells is a mysterious one.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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