Fishing for News: Combine Wrap Up and Free Agency Extravaganza Edition.

As the Combine ends and the 5th nears, alot of news floats around the ocean that is the Interwebs and lucky for you guys:



Metaphorically speaking that is. Anyway on to the news that I fished(FROM MY MOTHERF%*$ING BOAT!)

Miami Dolphins

- A good piece on Myron Rolle and Plantation's own Jeff Owens, Jeff Owens is the dude who benched 225 lbs forty-five times at the combine.

- In case you had not gotten the memo...



- AFCE Draft Watch - Schemes and Themes.

- Jake Long's badatude is well documented.

- Where could Tebus land amongst the AFCE Teams?


Miami Herald:

- Armando discusses the Nose Tackles at the Combine.

- Cordero breaks down the LBs.

- His scout finishes his combine coverage by breaking down the Safeties.

- Stephen Ross sets an "internal cap". I think its a good idea, remember just because there is no cap now, doesnt mean its gone for the forseable future.




- The Dolphins are calling Goodell's bluff.

- The Fins are backing off a tax hike, to pay for the proposed stadium upgrades. My question is: Isn't $200 million chump change for Stephen Ross?

- Miami Dolphins and the changing Safety position.

- The Dolphins could lose Fasano. Personally, I'd be thrilled if we could get a second rounder out of him.

- "That Dectective, is the right question."

- Mike B's usual Q and A; he talks Tebow and Antonio Bryant among other subjects.

- Rolando McClain draws comparisons to Ray Lewis.

- Analyzing the Draft - Week 6.


Palm Beach Post:

Eric Decker anyone? Ehh He doesnt intrest me that much.

- We gotta spend that cash somewhere, preferably in Dansby's wallet.


Around the Interwebs:

- David Lee assists Tim Tebow in adjusting his throwing motion.

- Rolando McClain "would be a steal at 12." I dont think thats the case any more with Diehard's stock falling.

- Here is a Miami Dolphins Mock Offseason.

- Uni Watch is holding  a design a uniform contest and there are some "intresting" designs for the Dolphins, some are fugly but I do like one or two of them. Specifically this one:


- Oh and check out the new logos/conference championship trophies.

- The weekly Miami Dolphins Team Report.

- Free Agency Team Needs: AFCE. They say we should go after Larry Foote.

- Football Oustiders breaks down our needs, and specifically our D.

- Details on the NFLPA plea deal.

- Jeff Ireland says this could be an "action packed offseason".

- Miami Dolphins' needs and the needs of our rivals.


What are the Fans saying?

-  An intresting discussion about  Diehard. And if you are not getting that connection then well, you suck.

- The Cards have supposedly lowered their offer to a third round pick. I'd make that deal in a heartbeat.

- As you now know, we have declined picking up the option on Ronnie's contract. Now I know he wants to stay here so he will most likely sign that tender. Of course alot of teams recognize his talent and I am sure some would be tempted by him. Another first round pick would be nice, my guess is that the Chargers and Seahawks would love to have him.

- Miami Dolphins Offseason Preview: OLB.

- Miami Dolphins: Offseason Preview: CB.

- Free Agency Top 5s: QB. Ideally I would love to have CP10 back in Aqua and Orange(as a backup), but it is what it is.

- A Mock Offseason.


Mock Drafts and other Draft stuff:

- Combine Thoughts.

- Combine results and recap.

- Here are your top combine performers.

- Burnt Orange has a great Combine Recap.

- It really is an extravaganza!

- Notes on the WRs entering this draft.

- Ditto for ILBS and OLBs.

- Earl Thomas anyone?

- Our very own Markus' Mock Draft!

- It looks like it will come down to either Bryant or a LB.

- A Mock from UD.

- And another one.

- Lastly, a bunch of mocks from FF Toolbox.


That wraps this week's edition of Fishing for News,  I will make this a weekly post for now until Fins related news/rumors die down again since we have 24 hours left until Free Agency begins, so cross your fingers that we get Dansby, it should be a wild ride.

Oh and here is Marisa Miller in a classy pose.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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