2010 Offseason Mini-Perspective I

So, I think it's time for me to write a perspective.  I know I owe all of you some Historical Perspectives, and they are coming.  But, this is a short "Mini-Perspective" to try to bring some order to this site.  Matty's got to be going out of his mind with some of the craziness, so I just would like to reiterate some of the rules and informal guidelines of this place.

If you are new here (and by new, I mean anyone who joined since...probably 01 Jan???) - Welcome.

But, and this goes to all of us that have been here longer than that too, and I am just as much to blame, please read the following:


The Double-Triple-Quadruple Post

Before you post some great breaking news you have just heard, why don't you take a minute to see if someone else took the time to post the same info.  I mean, do we need three FanShots and 4 FanPosts all telling us the same thing?  It takes a minute.  Go to the homepage, look at the right side where the FanPost headlines are.  If you see a headline that relates to your story, don't post it.  If you don't, you're half-way in the clear.  Now, scroll a little further down and checkout the FanShot list.  Still no headline like yours...then post yours.  If you saw your headline - then make a comment.  But, it's annoying as **** to see the same thing posted 27 different times.

The English Language

Next point, please take some pride in your work.  No one on here is expecting you to hold a degree in English, but at least try.  I mean, as a minimum, hit the spell check button at the top of the FanPost window before you publish.  And, try using punctuation.  If you misuse a semicolon, no one will care.  butif yourentire post reads as one giant runonsentence and you dont have anypunctatoin whatsoever then noone isgoing to read your post and youmay have just said the greatest thingto ever be on the site that noone will ever read.  This topic also covers use of capitalization - both ALL CAPS and no caps.   NOTE: If English is not your first language, errors are completely understandable.  Please don't think this comment is meant to keep non-English speakers from posting

The Illogical Post 

Tying into that, take a minute to think through your post.  I mean, just have some reason to post your post.  If you have an opinion that you want to share, great!  Share it.  Just be able to explain why you feel the way you do.  I mean, if DIBs can come on to the Dolphins website, state that Favre is her favorite QB of all time, greater than Marino, and, after all of the rest of us clean up from our heads exploding, she can actually logically explain why and we can all understand her reasoning, you can come up with a reason on why Dan Lefevour is a can't miss draft choice with the #12 overall pick.

The Rec'd Because I Can Post

If you really like a post, and think it explains things well, by all means rec it.  But, please only rec things you really want others to read - and you think it will be worth their time.  This is not meant to keep you from recommending someone else's work, and it's not meant to stop you from getting a well written post into the rec list.  And, by no means and I saying anything in the rec list doesn't deserve to be there.  I just want to remind people of what a rec (or goo) is supposed to mean.

The Anonymous Post

I don't mean anonymous because you don't put your name on it.  All of us have pseudonyms that we are using oon this site, and it automatically shows up on the post or comment.  I am talking about your avatar.  I'm telling you right now, if you don't take the time to make an avatar, your post is going to be ignored.  Most of us recognize the avatars we all use every day.  I mean, how many of you can name Little Nicky's avatar without even thinking about it?  Just a warning...if you don't have an image in your avatar spot, you will more than likely be ignored.

 The Comment Tangent

This is one of the main things Matty asks of all of us.  Please keep comments pertaining to the thread you are reading.  If you want to make a post to talk about something else, please do so.   Just, try to keep conversations related to whatever the post is about. 

That's about all I have for now.  If you haven't ever looked at the Quick Guide for New Members that Little Nicky made, the Phinsider Manlaw Guide written by cbdolphin, you might want to check those out.  They are great documents to help you out on the site. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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