Fishing for News: No Needless Long Title Edition.

Well, not alot has happened since the first week of FA, but there is still news to get to. Some of this stuff may be a little old but I found it intresting nevertheless. Anyway lets get to it, hit the jump for all information thats Fins, related. You may call it "Finformation", but don't because the patent is still pending.

 Oh I hope you all had a happy St Patty's Day!



- The Fins are making an early statement.

- Look who has a shiny new job with his old team!

- Tony Sparano Q and A.



- So apparently Sean Smith and Vontae Davis can't tackle, well Smith isnt the best tackler and that is a weakness of his but Davis is a solid tackler IMO.

- Kiper and McShay agree: Its Dan Williams at 12.

- Tim Graham takes a look at the recent draft history of the Fins and the rest of the AFCE.

- So how are compensatory picks handed out? The truth is that no one knows because the formula is so damn complex. But Tim Graham has foundsomeone who actually understands that crap.

- Yeremiah Bell is one solid tackler, apparently the best in the business. Now if only we had some LBs last year that ddint whiff on every tackle..

Ok I get it, the Dolphins have not gotten alot of value in the draft due to incompetent jackasses running the show.

- FS, WR and NT are the main needs that we have, according to Tim Graham.

- How old is old for a RB?


Miami Herald:

- Greg Cote says that since Dansby is now a Dolphin we should draft Dez Bryant.

- Pennington is our 3rd string QB BTW. He also plans on playing in the NFL for 5 more years.

- Finding the right fit at NT is easier said than done.

- Jeff Owens could be targeted by the Dolphins.

- Earl Thomas? Yes, please.

- Some Pro-Day Notes from last week.

- More Pro-Day Notes.

- What is the Parcells Prototype?

- The Fins take a chance on Incognito.

- Notes from last Thursday.

- The Marshall Plan is not the right course for Miami.



- Dave Hyde says that aquiring Boldin didnt make sense and that Greg Olsen is worth a shot. We could just draft another TE from the U.

- Analyzing the Dolphins Draft: Week 7.

- What kind of player can we expect at 12? 

- Analyzing the Non-Boldin Trade.

- Fins want to avoid the so called "Diva Recieva."

- Fins Wrap:Filling holes.

- Dave Hyde on Henne, Pennington and the Jets recent moves.

- Mike B's Weekly Mailbag.

- The Dolphins have Safety issues, and water is wet.

- Breaking down the Dolphins Draft: Week 8.

- Breaking down the Dansby signing.

- AJ Duhe gets all nostalgic.


Palm Beach Post:

- Derrick Morgan anyone? It looks like we are eyeballing him.

- McClain and Mt Cody had a good pro-day last week.

- "A dozen Dolphins get 100K-plus bonuses, 3 of top 5 earners played relatively little".


Around the Interwebs:

- Here is a great breakdown of the 3-4 Defense, courtesy of MHR's Steve Nichols. Its a long read and its an older article but its very informative.

- Remembering Merlin Olsen, RIP big guy.

- Here is a video breaking down the play of Quentin Moses:

- The NYT's excellent 5th Down Blog breaks down the Miami Dolphins.

- Gil Brandt says now that we have Dansby we could trade down from 12 and pick up a WR later.

- PFF's all AFCE Team, alot of Fins on that list.

- The Dolphins are among the Free Agency winners.

OH SNAP! Now it may seem like a dick move, but its the sad truth, many people have said this(including me and I love the Gators). Tim Tebow is not an NFL QB.

- The weekly Miami Dolphins Team Report.

- Miami is looking to take back whats theirs.

- Five Safeties the Fins should target.

- Atogwe or Sharper, Atogwe or Sharper....

- This guy thinks we should take the old man.

- Is Dan Williams a possibilty at 12?

- Quite the conundrum isnt it?

- Bleacher Report's Fins Report.

- Incognito must be controlled.

- Solomon Wilcots thinks we should have signed a WR.


What are the Fans saying

- March 16th News and Notes.

- Yeah, its old news but w/e.

- The Dolphins go Incognito.

- Breaking down the Offseason so far.

- The False Information game. Well, tis the season for misinformation.

- A bunch of different Mock Drafts.

- Dolphins Spotlight's second Mock Draft.

- The Skinny on Dansby.

- The Dolphins are intrested in a Safety from Georgia.

- How do we go about fixing our holes?

- How would Dez Bryant fit in with the Dolphins?


Mock Drafts and other Draft stuff: 

- The 10 Yard Split is more important than the 40. Ahh but what if it just so happens to be 40 yards to the endzone and and OLB picks off a pass or recovers a loose ball? Speaking of guys who go after balls, hi Nicky!

- Which teams know how to draft?

- A mock from Moving The Sticks.

- To be honest, I have never heard of Jared Odrick, but Kirwan had us taking him at 12.

- Now he has us taking Kindle at 12.

- Bryant's stock seems to be droping.

- Alas the most watched throwing motion change has been revealed!

- More details on the Gators Pro-Day.

- MTD's scouting report on Brandon Lafell.

- They also ranked him 7/10 on the Bust-o-Meter.

- NFLP thinks we'll take him.

- Speaking of WRs.

- Oh Bucky, you're so crazy. 

- Another Mock projecting Dez to the Fins.

- Its time to better know Jason Worilds.


 Well that about does it for this week's edition of FFN, I hope you have fun reading through all that stuff, because it sure as hell took me awhile to find it. Anyway If you dont see me around this place alot over the next week its because I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed, so hooray for Percocet! Anyway here is your usual pic of a hot chick, and its Adrianna Lima.









This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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