Ted Ginn: Common Misconception Affecting some Perceptions?

"Your going to be thrilled every time you watch him as a punt returner because hes going to be a great returner for us."  -Cam Cameron


Ted Ginn was drafted to be a kick returner with some big play ability on offense as well. There is no way to justify taking a kick returner/ raw receiver with a top ten pick. With that being said Being taken that high people expected him to be something he wasn't... a #1 receiver. It wasn't his fault he was chosen way before his slot or the fact that Cam Cameron took his "family" along for the ride, but at the end of the day  Ginns taking the bashing for it. Because of those preconceived notions Ginn doesn't get nearly as much credit as he is due. In his third year many like to classify him as a bust, but yet he has managed to see his way on the field through the two regimes hes been with and for the most part produced. That statement cant be said for other players classified under the same category.

Ted Ginn: The Returner

So Ginn was drafted primarily because of his return skills but yet by most Dolphins Fans he is considered an average  kick returner at best.

2007 Week 5  CLE:  96 yard kickoff return TD (Nullified by penalty, D.Hagan)

2007 Week 10 BUF: 86 yard kickoff return TD (Nullified by penalty, G.Camarillo)

2007 Week 10 PHI: 87 yard punt return TD

2008 Week 10 SEA: 100 yard kickoff return TD (Nullified by penalty, C.Anderson)

2009 Week 8 NYJ: 100 kickoff return yard TD

2009 Week 8 NYJ: 101 kickoff return yard TD

1 or 2 penalties is understandable but 3 you know you have some bad luck. If none of those penalties occured Ginn wouldve had 5 Kick return touchdowns to his name just 3 shy from the record set by Joshua Cribbs(8) and considering how in 08' Patrick Cobbs and Davone Bess had a majority of the return load thats pretty impressive not average.


Ted Ginn: The Deep Threat

There is also alot of misconception about Ginn the receiver more specifically the deep threat. If you haven't heard or found out already Ginn is NOT a #1 receiver, but that in now way means he cant be a playmaker in this offense. in 07' some people forget we went 1-15 when evaluating Ginns rookie year. The offense was a circus and the quarterback position was a carausel. In 08' brought stability but not until after a rough start. After Ginn broke out in week 8 against the bills he was consistently making plays each week after. Another thing people dont understand is that as well as Pennington has played with Ginn his potential wouldnt be reached until he had someone to hit him in stride.

With Pennington

2008 Week 8 BUF: 1st play from scrimmage was a pass deep right for 46 yards. That 46 couldve easily been 80 for the fact that Ginn had to wait on the ball which gave time for McGhee to close on him.

2008 Week 10 SEA:  Pennington, flea flicker deep middle 39 yards Ginn split both corner and safety over the top. This play was important because it showed the chemistry that Pennington and Ginn had gained. Camarillo was wide open but Pennington insisted on throwing to Ginn who was double covered.

2008 week 12 NE: Pennington, pass deep left to Ginn who had  corner Ellis Hobbs beat but waited for the ball to 46 yard completion.

2008 Week 17 NYJ: Pennington, flea flicker deep middle 44 yards Ginn had split the double coverage and on a under thrown ball came back to make the catch.

With Henne

Week 5 NYJ: C.Henne deep middle 53 yards TD on Darrelle Revis. That was the only touchdown Revis had allowed  all year.

Week 16 HOU: C.Henne, pass deep middle 62 yard TD (Nullified by penalty, Lousaka Polite)

Henne has a lot of arm and Ginn has a lot of speed, with a whole offseason together Henne and Ginn should gain chemistry the same way he did with Pennington. So the argument that Ginns potential wont be tapped until Henne is in at Q holds some weight.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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