Jets Stadium Opening: What would you sign?

Just saw that the Jets will be opening their new stadium in the first Monday night game of the new season. (They're not really opening it, as the Giants were rightly given that honour, but humour me.)

Thinking about it, I reckon we know where our first game will be. It has to be us they send up there. Buffalo are far too weak, that'd do nothing for the TV audience. It's too much of a gimme for Gangrene.

We know the league likes the Pats in prime time, but I have a feeling it's going to be us. Consider the epic monday nighter last year, the fact that we're arch rivals with good teams, the fact that both games last year were fantastic, the fact that there's two young star qbs involved, a personal rivalry in the making. (Again, one player is purely a media creation, but let's try and see it from their point of view.) Consider Wrecks Cryin's middle finger to our fans in the offseason.

And lastly, as we were 7-9 last year while the Jets made the Conference championship, I think the league would see this as an easier opener for the Jets than the Pats, and a better chance for a close, exciting game and for the Jets to open their new stadium with a win (helping sell those ridiculous PSLs.)

That last part is, of course, where they're wrong.

I'm really desperate to get this matchup. I just know we could and would crash their party. We're better than our poor record last year and we still beat them twice. There is no reason at all to fear the Jests, and not one person on our fine organisation does. One of the best stories of last season was the Giants blowing up the ridiculous JerryWorld orgy and all the media crap that went with it, with Eli signing the new locker room afterwards. Epic move and an epic win in that rivalry for the Giants.

So forgive me if, while everyone else is analysing the draft, I dream about some time in the autumn when Chad Henne is holding a pen to the wall of the away locker room, wondering what to write after tossing three or so TDs. Any suggestions?

How about, 'Nice place, shame about the team. J-E-S-T Jests Jests Jests. Fins W - Henne 7'

He'd be killed for it, but it would be awesome. We can have fun with it anyway, until they announce the schedule. Fingers crossed.


SI on Jests opening new stadium

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